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cinemagraph by and featuring members of ASMP San Diego

If you made it here, you’ve very likely attended my program “Making People Love You Madly: Selling Yourself in the Postmodern Marketplace” that I delivered at WPPI 2012.

With these materials, I’ve tried to be comprehensive, stopping short of ridiculousness. If there’s something I talked about which is not listed here, please let me know. If you have additional resources you think I should share, please let me know those, too. (And if there are missing or bad links, definitely please let me know!)

People/businesses mentioned in the presentation

Roughly in order of appearance, and clustered according to “story.”

  • ASMP (the American Society of Media Photographers, my sponsor for this talk, and an outstanding organization supporting the needs of photographers in a rapidly changing business climate): site | ASMP blog | video of short version of this talk
  • Beverley Barnes (find your calling before you quit your corporate gig): about page
  • Out:think Group/Tim Grahl (book marketing for authors): site
  • Cause Farm Creative (cause-related design): site
  • backpocket copywriter (Conrad Winter): The Formula on landing page
  • Felicia Perretti (Philadelphia food photog who sent me point-and-shoot tips): site
  • Jeffrey Zeldman (designer/writer/all-around genius): blog | Twitter
  • Jessica Hische (designer/illustrator): site | Twitter
  • Plywerk (blank panels for mounting/”framing”): site
  • The Uniform Project (social good campaign for Pakistani girls’ school): site

Artist-friendly folk talking postmodern marketing

Most of these are not photo-centric, but there are enough similarities between certain high-change industries, mainly, music and publishing, that you’ll find great ideas, info and insight. Plus, starting to read several strategically selected resources will begin to trigger ideas of your own.


Bob Lefsetz | The Lefsetz Letter :: A highly colorful (ahem), mostly-daily missive on the rapid changes in the music industry. Very inspiring and lively, with lots of ideas for artists and strongly-worded suggestions for management on what they should be doing to future-proof themselves.

Stephen Elliott | The Daily Rumpus :: A frequent email by a cutting-edge writer/teacher who is walking the talk with his online/offline self-publishing experiment, The Rumpus. It can get very stream-of-consciousness, but contains a lot of great ideas for writers on how to take control of their destiny. (Fair warning: it can also get graphic; if you’re pretty sensitive about that stuff, you should probably skip it.)

Colleen Wainwright | communicatrix focuses :: Yes, this my own non-sucky newsletter devoted to the fine art of connecting with people in ways that don’t make you feel slimy and them want to run screaming from you in the night. (Consider this my 5% shameless self-promotion.) Check out some back issues, and if you like it, please do subscribe. I am told that small creative businesses find the contents useful and inspiring, my two favorite things to be and do. Or, uh, vice versa. [NOTE: As of 9/12, the newsletter has been on hiatus. Feel free to sign up anyway; you’ll receive the last published issue. And you’ll be notified when I start publishing again.]

MOOsletter :: An excellent, bi-weekly newsletter filled with creative uses for MOO products that will also inspire you in other, non-MOO ways as well.

Daphne Gray-Grant | Power Writing :: My favorite newsletter on writing, by a writing coach with great depth of experience. She has wonderful tips and processes for making writing less mysterious and/or painful. Bi-weekly.


On my own blog I maintain a full list of blogs I read regularly, as well as ones I’ve liked along the way. If you’re just getting started with this marketing-in-the-new-millenium stuff, though, start with these. Seth Godin’s you can jump into anywhere; for “Escape” (Pam Slim’s blog) and “AoNC” (Chris Guillebeau’s blog, he’s the one I open the presentation with), start by browsing the archives for your area of interest. “Think First” is an excellent resource for people looking to build an audience with social media.

Social media stuff

The rules of the modern road vary a bit. Here are a few good pointers on being a responsible online citizen. But yes, the web changes fast, and depending upon when you’re reading this, things may have changed. Will have changed. Remember: when in doubt, BE NICE.

Crediting photos on the web

Everyone has their own idea of how this should work, but these are a couple of great write-ups I found on crediting using Creative Commons. I think the more we can share how things should be shared, the better off we’ll all be. (Speaking of which, if you have a nice photo of the newer, balder me from the ASMP tour I can use to illustrate this post, email me! colleen AT communicatrix DOT com.) 

Various resources mentioned

A few resources not mentioned

  • FoundFolios is a new creative marketplace/community for photographers and illustrators and the people who buy their services. I learned of it from someone who works with ADBASE, who created the new site, and while my ad/buying days are long past, it looks like something we would have liked back then. Along with regular work hours, real expense accounts and account people who knew how to sell stuff. But I digress. If you’ve tried it or use it and have feedback, I’d love to hear about it: colleen AT communicatrix DOT com.
  • My resources page contains links out to more information than you can shake a stick at. Because I like information and dislike having sticks shaken at it.
  • My “social media 101”-tagged articles on delicious. Aggregation of all the best introductory-level resources for social media. Use the older ones with caution; not all rules are evergreen.
  • ASMP’s Social Media tutorial, for which I wrote the Introduction and the marketing section.

Seth Godin stuff

King of the land between old and new media/marketing, he gets his own category.

Cinemagraph by P2Photography & ASMP San Diego.

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