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To read more about the genesis of this list, check out this post on Make-a-Referral Week from March 9, 2009.

Sometimes, you just want to share the love. It feels good sharing your toys and tips and secrets with others. My friend, Bonnie, swears that replying to “I love your jacket!” with “10 bucks at Out of the Closet!” is a Southern gentlewoman’s way of deflecting praise and staying modest; I say it’s an exuberant Virgo way of sharing a hot shopping tip.

This is about keeping that love flowing. I have a lot of love for the various people on this list, and for the products and services they offer. Enough that unselfishly, I’d like them to stay solvent and selfishly, I’d like them to continue providing the goods and services I’ve come to rely on.

Why here? Why not Yelp or Twitter or…? Well, I used to Yelp and but I don’t now. I won’t even link to Yelp right now, since news of some questionable marketing and sales procedures freaked me out. Once this little mess gets cleared up, I’ll think about jumping back on. Until then, it’s back to personal recos from trusted sources, emphasis on trusted.

Writing & marketing-ish resources

  • Lis Peery is a terrific editrix. Honestly, I did not get the point of editors until I met Lis. If you have something that needs guiding or shaping, a second set of (sharp) eyes, or other literary supervision, Lis is it. (website, LinkedIn, mediabistro)
  • Deidre Rienzo has saved my bacon over to the Marketing Mix blog more times than I’m probably aware of. She’s not my personal virtual marketing assistant, but when I’m grown up enough to have one, I hope she’s still available. If you need to free up your own time by offloading marketing tasks (think newsletters, blog management, pretty much anything else), you need Deidre. (Deidre’s site)
  • Heidi Miller, a.k.a. “the Podcasting Princess”, not only knows a lot about social media and podcasting and community building, but she’s even more of a relentless optimist than I am. Hire Heidi if you need help getting a podcast up and running, need some one-on-one coaching around this here Social Media Thang, or are looking for a community evangalist for hire on a project basis. (Heidi’s site)
  • Abby Anderson is a fantastic proofreader. How fantastic? She will SAVE YOUR WRITER BACON, and for peanuts. She’s so good, she don’t need no stinkin’ website! Email Abby (turn it into a real-looking email addy first): scriptgirl2000 **AT-SIGN**  yahoo **DOT** com

L.A.-local resources

  • The Flan King makes the best flan ever, hands-down. Even people who HATE flan love Flan King. He’s working on nationwide delivery, but if you live in the Los Angeles area, you can sample his wares at many of the larger farmers’ markets around town (including the Hollywood one on Sunday), or order directly through his website. YUM. (The Flan King’s site)
  • FREIGHT/FREIGHT by night By day, Matt Roberts and his wife, Jackie, run a terrific lunch spot out of their shared space with adorable, quirky gift-and-ice-cream shop, Zanzabelle (owned by L.A. retail superstar Tracy James, formerly of ¡Y Que! in Los Feliz). But by night, and only a few nights per week, and only if you know the secret handshake, they run L.A.’s best-kept secret so far: a private-ish supper club with unbelievable food at ridiculously low prices ($15 – $25 person) in a magical, fairly-lit garden setting. Silver Lake Wine offers pairings at various price points, and there’s no corkage fee! (email Matt & Jackie at info AT freightfoods DOT com to get on the mailing list; review at EAT:LA)

Art-y & design-y stuff

  • Ames Ingham is a friend; she’s also a spectacular interior designer with zero attitude and a staggering work ethic. If you don’t realize how rarely those things co-exist, you haven’t spent a lot of time in an icky stratum of Los Angeles (and lucky you!) Hers is a service for people with money, but you can still gaze upon her lovely site (designed by my other friend, tonyontheweb!), and dream about the day you can outsource the furnishing of your space. (Ames Ingham website)
  • Andrew Ward Fine Art Photographs is another friend, well, a friend of The BF’s, so a friend by dating. If you’re looking to invest in photographs as art, Andrew’s your guy. He combines an exquisite sense of taste with a technician’s understanding of process, and he’s a user-friendly Irish-from-Ireland guy, so there’s not a whiff of pretension about him. He’s got a fine collection of work by great photographers already, and can lay hands on whatever else you’d like via his outstanding network of connections with other galleries and providers. Full disclosure: Andrew has hired me as a consultant, but I’d pimp him, regardless. (Andrew’s site)
  • Wire & Twine makes my favorite t-shirts, and a lot of other beautiful things. You should shop there.
  • DeaLights Candle Co. makes my favorite red currant flavored candle. (Dea Vise, the proprietress, calls it “Dessert 2,” which is apt, because you will want to EAT it. (Dea’s site)

Updated 4/14/09.

Image by _overanalyzer via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

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