Resource page for “Astoundingly Simple Secrets to Social Media Marketing” talk at PSPF

Emily + Paul’s Wedding in Stop-Motion | Newport, Rhode Island from Bayly & Moore on Vimeo.

If you made it here, you very likely attended my seminar at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, “Social Media Marketing: The Astoundingly Simple Secrets of Making It Work For You.” (If not, it is possible you stumbled on this accidentally, perhaps searching for “YouTube cat videos“, but only if you are an incredibly bad speller.)

Your homework

Create ONE .PSD (or other image program) file with template for Facebook timeline cover photo and profile photo. Use this to start playing with cool combinations of images, and change it up frequently. Or skip this step, and commit to changing your cover/profile photo combo on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Pick TWO social media outlets to concentrate on over the next month. Remember, to do this, you’re going to need to do some research: where are your Exact Perfect People hanging out? Do you know the “language” of this space? Do you enjoy learning/speaking it? In order to work, both of these need to be in place!

If you haven’t done the final two homework items, it’s too late for PSPF, but it’s not too late to apply them going forward forever and a day, amen. Which you should really, really think about doing, as they may be the two most important non-sales-y things you can do to actually improve sales. What’s more, you will DELIGHT people, rather than ANNOY them.

Acquire THREE business cards for every ONE you hand out. If you like, think of this as your assignment for the next THREE months (because we want to reinforce the THREE thing). But feel free to use this rule forever and a day, amen. Remember: you are always (ALWAYS) better off getting other people’s cards than giving them yours (provided they are giving them to you freely, naturally).

Choose FOUR greeting/postcards that will rock the freakin’ world of FOUR people you know/like/respect, and mail them out. If you already have a super-groovy mailer of your own, great. If not, find cards that are perfect for each individual person, that somehow reflect you and your vibe, include a sentiment that’s meaningful to you both, and mail ’em! I KNOW. Soooooo hard. But not compared to curing cancer, solving world peace, or even cleaning toilets at a dive bar, so hey, count your blessings!

Photographers featured (not necessarily in order shown)

Other awesome people featured

Resources/goodies & info

  • The Formula :: this links to an article I wrote, explaining how to take yourself through it to help you define your brand, your “about”, your elevator speech, etc.
  • Vine :: social network where you create/share :30 animated GIFs [iPhone app store link]
  • TextExpander :: text-expansion software for the Mac—the BEST $35 you will ever spend (and I get zero dollars for saying this!)
  • Delicious :: social bookmarking site
  • IFTTT :: stands for “If This, Then That”, a free site/service that helps automate certain social media actions with “recipes” you or others create
  • SlideShare :: social site for sharing slide decks you create
  • LinkedIn :: “business” social network, that has become much more useful/social with a recent UX refresh
  • Quora :: Q&A site

Crowdfunding info

  • Kickstarter :: crowdfunding platform where you don’t get your funds unless you reach your goal
  • IndieGoGo :: crowdfunding platform that allows you to keep whatever you raise, even if you don’t reach goal (note: check fees, as they may be more for this option)

Resources/people to learn from

Books on marketing, branding, etc. I have found useful

Note!: I use Amazon affiliate links on my blog to help keep the lights on. Full disclosure is righteous, baby!

*If you buy one book, buy this one. It’s exceptionally well designed, written, and edited, and I don’t say that because I wrote two chapters, but because doing so gave me a window into how much work our editor, the late and very much lamented Susan Carr, put into the book. In addition to excellent coverage on all of the basics required to stay in business during a time of disruptive change, the book includes a selection of case studies that show how the points in the book play out in real, live businesses.

The poem that (sort of) started it all

You, Amplified (a poem about marketing)

Further reading

Round-up of articles on Pinterest use, best practices, and a couple of thumbs-down-for-photographers pieces

* * * * *

If there are any resources I’ve inadvertently left off, please email me at colleen AT communicatrix. THANK YOU, and happy marketing—and networking, and selling, and….


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