Congratulations: you made it!


So, huzzah! Because this is a very good sign that our paths were supposed to have crossed.

What you should do next.

Well, that’s entirely up to you. You are the boss of you, and don’t let anyone, myself included, tell you otherwise.

But if you are:

  • …curious about who I am or what this site is about, probably start here
  • …needing a motivational kick in the pants, this should do it (warning: swears be there!)
  • …wanting to read aaaaaall about me, here’s the short and long of it

Or disregard all of that, let the Force be with you and click on any link that interests you. It’s all good. (I hope.)

Oh, and if you want to get in touch?

Here you go. More ways than you can shake a stick at.

Thanks. Talk soon!


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