Contact the communicatrix!


First, let’s get the old-school stuff out of the way.

If you want to email me (I love email!), send to:

colleen {at} communicatrix {dot} com

I read ALL of my email (I love email!) and answer as much of it as I can.

If you want to write me an actual note (I really love actual notes!!), send it to:

PO Box 360721, Los Angeles, CA 90036

If you want to talk to me on the phone:

(323) 843-4395

That’s a Google Voice number, so the way it works is that you call it, leave a message, and then magic pixies will email me a hilarious translation of, and which I may reply to. Eventually. But emailing me really is the best plan.

Hang out online? Me, too!

Except for Facebook, I’m “communicatrix” ubiquitously, meaning if you sign onto a service and want to connect with me, check that first. I do have policies on social media connection and I think the world would be a saner place if everyone did.

Social Media Outposts (in order of usage)

Thank you for visiting the mothership of the Colleen Wainwright empire, communicatrix-dot-com. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for, and that you have a lovely, lively time doing the looking.


Updated February 11, 2016.