Good enough, Day 17: Easy readin’

On the walk that takes me to my mailbox, where I always hope to find checks and occasionally do, I discovered another lovely little box full of daily surprises.

Not all of the books are my thing. A few don’t seem to be anyone’s thing—they’re there day after day, week after week. (Although maybe the neighborhood is home to some especially voracious bibliophile with a lot of free time and a thing for technical manuals. Could happen!)

It almost doesn’t matter; it’s the very act of providing free (FREE!) books to the neighborhood in a little, glass-faced, shingle-roofed box that is the great thing.

But you know, that Tom Sizemore book? More than good enough.


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  1. Hi to all,
    Thanks so much for your kind words regarding our little free library . All of our patients love it and the entire community has given us great support. We would love all of you to participate and help us make it a great success. Thanks for all your support

    Dr Kezian and Staff

    1. Dr. Kezian! (And staff!)

      So nice to hear from you. If we want to donate books, do we just leave them there? Bring them into the office? Or…?

      Thanks for making the neighborhood a brighter, more literate place!

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