Embracing the tiny, Day 20: A bit of sunshine

a sliver of PDX sunlight

While I’ve been away from it quite a bit this past year, Los Angeles averages 186 days of sunshine per year.

On the other hand, my second-favorite city, “the People’s Republic of Portland”, gets a measly 68 days of sunshine per year.

This is as much of a reason to visit as any: never, ever do I appreciate a ray of sunlight the way I do when I’m in Portland. (And never, ever do I move as quickly or with as much purpose to capture it on camera.)

For a while after I arrive, the appreciation bleeds over into other areas, too: coffee tastes blacker; inside seems cozier; time spent with friends feels more buoying. The strongness of these sensations tapers off after a week or two, and my pansy-frail constitution begins to wilt under the relentless pressure of gray skies and mud underfoot.

Still, even when I am days—or hours, or weeks—from my crazy, California desert, along will come a slice of sunshine, a spray of crazy-colored buds, an elfin patch of moss, to give me a wee smile.

Good cheer, they whisper, and don’t forget to thank the rain.


This is Day 20 of a 21-day series. For more scoop on the who/what/why, go here.


  1. yes, YES! appreciation of each of these “tinies” does bleed over into the rest of life. So powerful, so accessible, and unfortunately so freakin’ easy to forget to notice. Thanks for this entire series of Embracing the Tiny — been reading them daily and LOVING them. xo

  2. Thank you so much for this photo!
    And for this whole series of posts. So invigorating and comforting at the very same time.

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