Embracing the tiny: a 21-Day Salute™

a blossoming tree

How do you begin again what it feels like you’ve stopped since forever?

Any way you want to. Or any way you can.

(Conveniently, sometimes they’re the same thing.)

That damn tree can take a few months off, even out here in the land of perpetual growing seasons. No one wonders what the hell it was doing while those shrubs down the block had it going on. When it blossoms again, no one disparages it for slacking off, or wonders why its flowers aren’t bigger, already, or whispers behind its back that last year’s blooms were soooooo much better.

So I’m going to make like a tree, and come back slow and tiny, one bud at a time.

Here we go…


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  1. Welcome back! We’re glad to see you bud again. It’s been a long winter, but every tree knows they’re necessary. Except the evergreens, but ya know, there’s always some iconoclasts among us.

  2. Great analogy Colleen. I love it. And I love that even your tiny posts are great posts. Bravo and welcome back.

  3. I wonder if any trees ever berate *themselves*, for taking the winter off? Probably not, hunh ~

    Take as much time as ya need, to enjoy the trip back too. ;)

  4. Lovely post Colleen! Just the other day, I was walking through my bountiful tree blossoming neighborhood and stopped in front of a tree that was without any signs of what will come. It didn’t look worried, or anxious or embarrassed. The tree reminded me to take comfort in my own timing of blossoming (which happens to be later than most). Thanks for your brilliant and blossoming observations!

  5. I missed you and at the same time believed you were doing exactly what you needed to be doing…and I hope you just keep doing that. xoxo

  6. Wishing you a gentle and peaceful reentry – with no expectations. Baby steps is the perfect way to approach a sleeping giant. I am sharing this beautiful analogy with my support foundation. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Step by step one travels far. And Tolkien can know. He’s traveled all over Middle Earth.
    Happy spring hugs, and make sure you keep those steps small. I will be next to you in case you need encouragement, or talk. Or share chocolate! ;)

  8. I love the idea. Am deciding on my own 21 day-er.

    Love your sharing (gram and gramps over the toilet?!)

    LOVE your writing… so fresh and fun.

    And positively love all the friendly greetings of the sweet people above.

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