What’s up & what’s gone down :: January 2012

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Hey! It's Charles Foster Godin Chodron Kane!

A mostly monthly but certainly occasional round-up of what I’ve been up to and what’s in the hopper. For full credits and details, see this entry.

Colleen of the future (stuff I’ll be doing)

  • “Making People Love You Madly” tour for ASMP [January dates: Albuquerque, 1/17; Phoenix, 1/19; New Orleans, 1/23; February dates: New York City, 2/1; Philadelphia, 2/9; Salt Lake City, 2/23] I’m continuing the road with a beefed-up version of my “marketing in the postmodern age” talk for the American Society of Media Photographers. Many of the chapters allow non-members to attend for a fee. This version of the talk uses specific examples from the world of commercial photography, but anyone with a small creative business will come away with plenty of ideas. And, if you’re good at networking, many new contacts from the world of photography!
  • January L.A. Biznik Mixer at Jerry’s Famous [Los Angeles; Tonight, Wednesday, January 11, 5:30-7:30pm!]  Fun, free, low-key networking plus great tips, tricks and ideas from your fellow indie-biz folk, which of course includes me. Duh. My co-host again this month is South Bay illustrator Donna BargerHeeeeeere’s Jerrys!
  • TEDxConcordiaUPortland [Portland, OR; March 31] I am beyond thrilled, honored, and yes, terrified to be presenting at this conference whose theme is “Becoming Extraordinary.” I mean, pressure much? But I had such an amazing, amazing time at the last TEDx produced by my now-friend Michelle Jones that—well, I made her be my friend. So there you go. Tickets go on sale January 28, and this event will sell out. And yes, I’d pay to go even if I wasn’t speaking—it’s that kind of day.

Colleen of the Past (what I have done for you lately)

Colleen of the Present (stuff I do, rain or shine)

  • communicatrix | focuses :: My monthly newsletter devoted to the ways and means of becoming a better clearer communicator (plus a few special treats I post nowhere else). Free!
  • Act Smart! is my monthly column about marketing for LA Casting. Nominally for actors, there’s a ton of good info in there for any creative business person. Browse the archives, here.
  • Internet flotsam :: You  know, I have not been so much with the Internet flotsam of late. Mostly posting links/etc. and chatting on Facebook. This could change—and probably will. Most things do, given time.


Photo by Michael Smith.


  1. Wow!
    Really? This is the FIRST comment?? There’re folks out there who’d jump through flaming hoops (or worse) to be first! (I’m not one of them, btw – more like dismayed!
    Anyway, I just listened to the Career Clinic interview – how delightful! (I love listening to you being excited about what you’re doing, or what you’ve discovered, or, well, reading the phone book!) (some days, I just need ‘aural wallpaper’, and if GoodThings soak in by osmosis, so much the better!)
    Oh, and Maureen and partner are wonderful interviewers, too – I’m definitely putting them on my “see what’s new” list for 2012.

    Happy New Year, dear!

    1. Well, it’s fun to win something every once in a while, even if all you win is “First!!!” I guess most people feel like there’s not much to comment about on an update-type post; people tend to let ‘er rip on the essays, which makes sense.

      Thanks for your kind comment. Maureen really is great at her job, and there’s no hiding our affection for one another, which makes for good radio. A lot of her interviewees must feel the same way, b/c she’s gotten great material from them, the best of which she compiled in her book, which I reviewed here on the blog. Well worth a read; it’s really uplifting.

  2. I miss Frrrriday Rrrrrroundup. Still, the posts are well worth waiting for when they arrive. Change happens.

    1. Yes, it does. And as I’ve intimated, a lot of the change has been happening behind the scenes, which necessitates a backing-off here on the blog.

      It’ll change again, though. Hopefully, there will still be people around to read it when it does!

  3. It’s SO awesome to see you sharing your amazing voice and wisdom and stylish ‘do’ around the map.

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