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At some point, you must release into the world the work you have labored over privately.

It will have smudges and smears and imperfections. It will not be all of what you had hoped for in some places. It will be more than you ever dreamed of in others.

But as you let it go—as you ship it, in the parlance of the day—you will feel one very specific, very glorious thing:




  1. YES!!! Fulfilled!!
    It’s September 13th….your birthday and the date we’ll all remember was the moment you (and all of us who were on the journey) and WriteGirl reached the end of the climb that has proven to be just the beginning. Time to stop and enjoy the view. Time to breathe the cool air and be silent for a moment of the deepest gratitude and the fullest sense of full and the sweetest sounds of love and celebration for you, for WriteGirl, for dreams come true and for lives inspired.
    Thank you for offering this journey, Colleen. It’s been a helluva ride hasn’t it?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Communicatrix! Hope your day is lovely, and your party a wonderful time. Don’t forget, those of us who can’t make it wanna see pictures!!

    Do you need us to knit beanies now to keep that dome warm?

    XX (if I may)

  3. Many happy returns of the day (and warm hats for your nekkid head), my dear. My wish for you today is an overflowing heart and fulfillment beyond your dreams. Thank you for everything you’ve done (and continue to do).

  4. You’ve been thanking a lot of people, and it seems like an appropriate time for me to thank you, whom I don’t know and probably never will, for including me in your journey and sharing the climb and the view. Thanks.

  5. What a great birthday idea…congrats on all that you did and hope your birthday felt just right for you in all the right ways.

    Your words on releasing your work into the world, just hit so true with me. It’s so hard to let go, to put yourself out there with the imperfections for all to see…yup.

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