And on the 50th day, they partied

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Yes, you have to work hard.

But occasionally, you have to stop working to rest. Or relax. Or, occasionally, to celebrate.

And by “you”, as The Youngster used to say, I mean “me.”

I’m still working—hahaha—on all of these things: learning to rest, relax, and (occasionally), to celebrate. Last night, for example, I sort of relaxed while my good friend and even better sport Heather Parlato painstakingly coconut-oiled my scalp, so my soon-to-be-barren dome wouldn’t look all scabby and gross after the shaving. We caught up on gossip during and I had a rosé-wine spritzer after, so I’m counting it in the “fun” column.

I hope you are putting things in your own, personal “fun” column. I hope that occasionally, your “fun” column runneth over onto the other side of the page. Fun (or even “fun”) is a necessary component of human existence—even the existence of steadfast and earnest, workaholic writers.

Or so they tell me.


P.S.  As per the looooong video above, I would love it if you decided to come have some fun with me on my birthday, this Tuesday, September 13. Owing to my nervous-Nellie conservatism about too many people at my host’s house and plain old bad math, I initially released far fewer tickets than I probably should have. This has been corrected. Please buy one! I have to spend all this money on the food and drink anyway; a few more heads will make the party more fun, and still be wildly cost-efficient. Yay, efficiency!


  1. Dear Communicatrix
    I would LOVE to come, but alas I am on the other side o’ the world. Will the Big Shave be filmed for those of us who can’t make it? Maybe it could be pay per view, so you could get another fiver out of supporters of the cause? I’d pay!

    Well, I am glad to hear about the coconut oil, tho’ I had never heard of needing to do such a thing. That’s not surprising, as I’ve never looked into shaving my head. But should I ever do so, now I know.

    Thank you for the inspiration to put some stuff in the fun column. Tho’ still knee-deep (or is that knee deep?) in crapola, I’ve had the same advice from my lovely doctor. So far, all I’ve managed is naps in the afternoon. But it’s a start!

    Warmest wishes for the countdown to the celebration of your 50 years of livin’.

    I feel like I know you a bit because of all your writing and videoing for 50 for 50. So thank you.


  2. If the ghost of Ed McMahon comes calling with a big check I’ll be there. Otherwise count me there in spirit! I’ll raise one to you and shave my head, albeit not quite bald ;-) Done that.

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