There is no “over”, only “done”

This post is #41 in a series of 50 dedicated to the art and life of writing, in support of the 50 for 50 Project to benefit WriteGirl. If you like it, or if you think it could have been improved by a better writing education for its author, please give generously. And pass it on.

We were a hair’s breadth from reaching the $50,000 mark when I said, okay, I typed into Facebook, that I hoped I’d be able to get the above video posted to the web before this whole thing was over.

Whereupon my wise, slightly-elder friend and font of inspiration Patti Digh said, okay, typed back into Facebook:

It’s never over, sugar; it just ends.

(She’s from the South, see; she can get away with that “sugar” stuff.)

And she’s right, and about more than crazy birthday fundraising schemes: you don’t stop writing because you’re done with your book; you start writing a new book.

We’re now past the $50,000 mark. So much happened in a few hours, I’m fairly overwhelmed. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait until now to make today’s video, and not just because there’s no light left.

Know this: I am grateful for every step of this journey so far. I am grateful to every single person who gave, passed along word, promoted, lent a sweaty hand, and cheered.

And this part has ended. But it ain’t over. Not by a long shot.



    1. I did not hear about this from daveworld! Tsk, Jean! xox Just kidding … and Way to Go, Colleen. It never occurred to me that you wouldn’t reach your goal, so I’m not in the least surprised.

  1. Your hair-brained scheme to raise $50K in 50 days has given us even more than it’s about to give WriteGirl — the truth of “thy will be done” with the honor and the pleasure of watching and helping you do it. I’m sure no one doubted it.

    “Communicatrix” is about to be adopted as a verb. Congratulations on this chapter ending, and the always, and the “next!”

    Your fan,

  2. I know it’s not the end yet, but it’s been such a thrill watching the total tick up and up, keeping almost exactly on track with where it needs to be each day, until BLAM!, shooting through the target all of a sudden this weekend! It was so nice to add my contribution, knowing that it was gravy and not needed to reach the goal (although, still needed in general. More! More!). Congratulations Colleen! What a fabulous achievement.

  3. I have been following this almost as closely as if it were my own, but missed everything yesterday. WOW indeed. I also had no doubt, but this is even better than what I imagined. 50 in 40!!!!

    Congratulations to Write Girl!!! There a re some very fortunate girls out there.

    Happy Fin Birthday Baldy!
    Now what???


  4. Wow! Yeah! Fantastic! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    And this means you’ll be sporting a chrome dome soon, sugar!

    (I’m from the Southern Hemisphere – so I can get away with it too!)

  5. You rock! What a way to turn 50…do you have nice hats? I was just wondering. Love you lots. The planet’s better with you on it.

  6. Hooray! I’ve been holding off, in case you needed reinforcements, but now I will simply throw my contribution into the victory parade. Go you. I am really truly impressed. $50,000 is a lot of money, and WriteGirls such a wonderful cause.

  7. I’m crying and laughing watching you, and feeling the gratitude and joy of what you’ve generated here.
    Good work, citizen. Celebrate big and enjoy knowing that many girls and women are writing because of you.
    And enjoy the breeze on that new cue ball you’ll be sporting! SO sorry I won’t be at the party.

  8. This, this right here is so spankin’ inspiring. Thank you for being a conduit for kindness and so you know, I did a dance here in the office at work when I saw the goal achieved and surpassed.

    And as a southerner myself, I’ll add this, “It ain’t over y’all!” Peace.

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