When numbers are enough

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$45,390 (so far).

796 funders (so far).

Can’t count the tweets, Facebook posts, Google+s. Really can’t count the private emails, phone calls, and one-on-one conversations.

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, numbers speak as loud as words ever could. And when that time comes, like now, writers need to know when to shut up and be grateful. For numbers.




  1. Nicely said about the words and numbers. Before you said that, I looked at today’s dollar amount in awe… Been staying apprised of this incredible endeavour and what a magnificent jump from just two days ago! So inspiring. Yee haw! What lucky girls…

  2. Before I even read the post or watched the video, I checked the little counter on the sidebar and shrieked a little happy shriek. I was here yesterday (for quite a while…) and you made TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS SINCE THEN. HOLY CAPSLOCK BATMAN! And many happies were had. :)

  3. I went to bed doing the happy dance last night and now I’m doing it again. I so believe in this project and since I’m broke I am willing it to succeed. Look how powerful I am ;-)

    Bravo Colleen and all the awesome contributors!!!

  4. I knew you could do it!! Old ladies ROCK!

    Only 2 weeks now until my own big scary life-changing adventure. Hope mine’s as successful as yours has been — and that I have as much strength and persistence and dedication as you have shown!

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