Poetry Thursday: Keep writing

field notes book with "KEEP WRITING" on cover

This post is #11 in a series of 50 dedicated to the art and life of writing, in support of the 50 for 50 Project to benefit WriteGirl. If you like it, or if you think it could have been improved by a better writing education for its author, please give generously. And pass it on.

When what you write
makes you cry,
keep writing.

When the words
are coming slowly,
or too quickly,
or not at all,
keep writing.

When the stories
won’t tell themselves
the way they showed up
in your head,
keep writing.

When you are tired
or bored
or sad
or angry

when you are freshly dumped
when you are floating on air

when you are wicked
when you are good
when you are stuffed
when you are starving
when you are sure
there is not one more thing in the world
to say,
keep writing.

You are not here
to be significant
or meaningful
or even great,
you are here
because the pen
cannot do it
without you.

So pick it up
and park your ass
and write
and write
and write.



  1. I was very moved by your 50 for 50 campaign and very happy that I found you. I will donate something ( in the middle of a start up) because you moved me with your energy and passion which is what I Can Win Now is all about.
    Your Keep Writing poem was essential to me today. Funny I turn 58 1 day after you turn 50.

    1. Thank you, Jerome! Donations of time, attention, or money are always welcome, but esp. appreciated when given during the crunch of a start-up.

      And my dad’s bday was the 14th. Good things cluster around those dates.

  2. I got to this a day late, but you must have been thinking about me yesterday. This is what I needed to hear when I was swearing and huffing and growling and crying over a wonderful essay that just wouldn’t DO IT already. It took all day to write 1000 words that felt like they should have been easy. I kept writing.

    1. Actually, *I* got to this a day late. It was barely still Thursday when I got the Thursday poem up there. And so it goes.

      You do know I write these poems as much for myself as anyone else, right?

      Thank you for DOING THE WORK.

  3. My god you nailed it. Again. It’s the thing I tell myself again and again – especially when I am faced with thoughts of having nothing new to say and how the “rule” I keep hearing about is that if you have no new way of saying something, don’t bother. In the face of THAT, I keep writing. AND I just can’t NOT write. The amazing thing about keeping on is that something always shows up to the page and more often than not, you’re glad it did.
    BTW your donations are kicking ass! You are going to be bald soon girlfriend!!!

  4. Love It!

    going to put it up on the wall behind my computer screen… AND I was just about to get up from writing to eat something. now I’m going to park my ass and finish the piece I just started!

    You have positively influenced at least one writer today.

  5. Awesome Colleen! I was just talking with my cousin about how hard it can be to write. I can never have enough gentle prompts and ass kicking!

    Almost $20,000 WOOOHOOO

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