Poetry Thursday: Narcissus and the World Wide Web

The Internet is full of shrimp
and Perry Mason

When I woke up
it was wall-to-wall
pulsing with possibilities for advancement
and intellectual growth
and emotional connection,
an endless road
there to take me anywhere I wanted,
anywhere in the world.

By noon,
I had turned it into
a moving sidewalk
between Terminals B and C,
some tedious ride
I’ve taken too many times,
with ads up one side
and mirrors down the other,
the better to get a good, long look
at the asshole who thought
she could outwit the Web.

But tomorrow is another day
like Scarlett said
on Netflix streaming.
Tomorrow I will bring that bitch
to her knees
just as soon as I check my email
and my stats
and a few select places
for mention of my name.

In the meantime,
let’s see what’s up with Della
and that stir-fry recipe…


Image by xJasonRogersx via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license. (And the full-sized, uncropped version is much better. You should take a look.)