[video] Travel baggie hack!

[watch Travel baggie hack on YouTube; running time 3:01]

Amazingly simple tip that has helped quell my (considerable) anxiety about arriving or departing without mission-critical dongles, USB cords and other electronic doodads when traveling.


  • the appropriately-sized zippy freezer bag for electronic crap
  • an index card and writing device

What you do:

  • make list of the crap that goes with your crap on index card
  • stick in bag
  • check list ITEM BY ITEM when packing on either end

As I show in the video, you want to account for all moving parts, as it were. So I don’t just list “remote”, I also list “USB stick for remote” and “hideous foam case for remote.” (Well, I abbreviate.)

And don’t forget: putting your name and number on all your stuff makes you a nerd, but it makes you a nerd with a much higher chance of being reunited with your crap if the two of you become separated.

Questions? Comments? Improvements? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks, and safe travels.


Tip via my pal Sean Bonner, who probably doesn’t use it anymore because he is a mad-crazy citizen of the globe and travels light.


  1. There must be something in the air this week. I just finished reading Atul Gawande’s “Checklist Manifesto,” and now I’m all about the checklist.

    I’m sure my family is going to let me know any second now that I’ve gone off the deep end… but really it’s amazing how such a little thing can free up so much brain space!

  2. Thanks, ladies. Glad they’re new to someone!

    @Liz – I read that! Well, I skimmed it. Checklists = good. Check!

    And I no longer care if I look silly with my lists and other weirdnesses. I just care that I’m not stressing myself out or losing my mind!

  3. Great idea! Im a bit overly enthusiastic about lists and bags myself… but really a good idea… one thing is this that Ive started doing.. how about using a non-plastic bag- i know fabric isnt see-through… but im trying to be mindful about my plastic usage… just a thought!

    1. C ~ Oh, yeah! it may not technically be a “new” idea, but it’s useful, and easy to forget to do!
      And the nit-picky detail, so you don’t have to use brainspace to remember “which particular dongle”: Label each dealie with what it goes with. (I’ve got tags [made of tape, not a $10 assortment of labels that aren’t ‘quite’ right, from the organize-your-stuff-with-our-stuff store] on both ends of every cord on my computer, tv and stereo now, so no matter which end is unplugged, I can tell where it goes back to!).

    2. Perhaps a tough but fairly see-thru fabric (mesh gym shirts come easily to mind) would work for some things? But I totally get it when you’ve gotta-gotta-gotta be able ‘see’ it! Me too. ;)

  4. @Amy – Maybe when I graduate to the advanced class, I can go to fabric. Right now, anxiety levels require Earth-damaging plastic. (Which is one reason I use the freezer bags: I’ll lose them before I’ll wear one out.)

    @Karen J – YES! I totally did that with all of my cords, so I could tell which was what in and out of the surge suppressor. Great tip!

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