Corralling unruly receipts [video]

[watch “Corralling Unruly Receipts on YouTube; 1:54 of your life]

This week’s video installment features a verrrrry old trick I use to keep all of my credit card receipts in one spot, but as I mention in the video, hey, it occurred to me once out of nowhere; maybe it hasn’t occurred to everyone yet.


  1. Get a large envelope—mine is a size 12 (4.75″ x 11″)—of the type my union used to use to send me big, fat residual checks. Bank statement envelopes are also good, if you still get those in the mail. You can also use a regular letter-sized envelope, of course, but you will not be able to shirk your bookkeeping duties for as long as I do.
  2. Trim off the flap of the envelope.
  3. Staple the top (cut) edge of the envelope to the top, inside flap of a manila envelope.
  4. Insert in file drawer and watch your life magically change!

I guess I should note here that if you do not have a filing cabinet or use files, this will be of little-to-no use to you. However, you may find the video entertaining. (You would have to be really bored to do so, but oh, well.)

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  1. Hi, Colleen,
    I like the envelope idea! I probably would not use the regular sized file folder, instead I have some 5″ high banker’s boxes (need to get some more) which the envelope would fit into nicely.
    By the way, the thanks so much for the January newsletter, you weren’t kidding about the awesome links!

  2. I don’t have file drawers, so I just use an No. 10 size envelope in a normal drawer. When I get my bill, I transfer that month’s receipts into a sort of accordion file with tabs for each month. (Though mine is not actually an accordion file but plastic and blue and cool with a stretchy band that keeps it closed.) The following year I shred ’em unless it’s a receipt I might need in which case I’d probably put it with warranty info.

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