Poetry Thursday: Cranky is as cranky does

airplane in flight

I am annoyed
by this fake movie
with Jennifer Aniston
and this real guy
falling asleep in my lap,
in my airspace

And I am annoyed
by my pants not fitting
and by all the things I ate
to make them that way

And I am annoyed
by the books I brought to read
because the good ones are done with
and the bad ones
I want nothing to do with

And I am annoyed
by the time
that crawls so slowly
when all I want
is to crawl into bed
(and miles to crawl
before I sleep)

I am annoyed
by how little I wrote
and how easy it was
not to write it

I am annoyed
he hasn’t called
and that she
will not stop
by the heat
and the humidity
by having too much
and not enough
and the hopeless
piles of civilization
I cannot stop seeing
all around me,
that I cannot stop
adding to
even when I know better

Dear God:
I am annoyed
and dismayed
at what I know will be
the long, shameful walk
to the me
who is not


Image by Kossy@FINEDAYS via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Oh yeah!!

    This is a great poem. A fantastic poem. I LOVE this poem.

    And I smiled at it. (Sorry to say.) But it so strikes a chord in me. And I dunno why really. The humour in the grumpy.

    God, it’s so good and sad and sweet and full of frustration and humour and life and everything ….


  2. For one reason and another, I have been phenomenally cranky this week, mostly with others’ behaviour — behaviour that I know with my upper brain / my calmer self is inconvenient in the moment, but really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme. And even as I’m thinking, “You don’t know what they’re going through in their personal life; something dreadful could be happening that would more than excuse a little lack of consideration,” I am ferociously judging left, right and centre. You talk of a shameful walk back to the calmer self … but the weird thing is I feel like the calmer self is there all the time for me. It’s more it’s just not strong or active enough to wrestle the incredibly easily annoyed self to the ground to just SHUT UP for a few minutes.

  3. I am not cranky today … Friday last week I was one breathe away from driving off a cliff, one week later my life is calm, happy and full of future. We all have bad seasons … we learn and grow and claw our way back! Thank you for your poem. You are one kick-ass lady. Honest. Raw. Enigmatic.

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