Poetry Thursday: Heat wave

man stretched out on folding chairs in a NYC park

Try to focus
on how free
your toes feel
in your brand new flip-flops
or how cold they don’t feel,
like they did last March
or anything else
but the creeping, creeping
that floats upward
from the ground
only to pool
in your head
with no way out,
slow-cooking your brain
and what’s left
of the information inside it.

Do you miss
butternut squash soup
and roast vegetables
and crisp apples
and piles of warm
blankets on top
of you, holding the cold
at bay, weighing you down
ever so gently?

You do.
So do we all.

They will be back
before we know it,
before you can say
“Pass the ice, please,”
before before before.

What was it like
when it was cool?

I forget…



  1. I’m experiencing the heatwave in Europe right now and I can’t say it’s conducive to wanting to do much at all aside from swim in the cool waters of a swimming pool and eat icecream. All in all not a bad plan.

    And no I’m not thinking of hot roast meals!

    1. I’m thinking of hot roast meals I was smart enough to make while it was still cool out, portion, and freeze for later—oh, wait. I wasn’t smart enough.

      Cue sad trombone.

      Hope it cools there soon. We’re supposed to get it through Sunday.

  2. These are great! I only just recently started checking in with a few of my favourite blogs lately, so the Poetry Thursday thing is fairly new to me, and I gotta say … well, I’ve already said it! They’re great. Although I don’t envy the heat you’re in … but I do really wish my LAWN looked like that ….

    1. Thanks, Kim. They’re fairly new to me, too, but so far, I enjoy doing ’em, so I plan to continue.

      And does *anyone’s* lawn look like that? That is some serious municipal water in action, I think.

  3. Just added this to the list of Micro-Gratitudes on my facebook page. Today’s theme is something cool. Your poem fits perfectly in many ways! So grateful that you are rockin’ the poetry muse on Thursdays!


    1. No, not an app. Just something I do on my facebook wall on Thursdays. Micro-Gratitude Thursdays. Come on over and play!
      Sometimes I tweet about it too. And sometimes I have a “contest” with a theme. Because it was hot, today’s theme was to share gratitude for something cool. Then I saw your poem! (I think next week’s theme might just be synchronicity!) The idea is to find the teensiest thing to feel gratitude for. Jasmine tea, sunshine on the window sill, a baby’s laugh. It’s an easy and simple way to improve one’s mood.

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