Video Vednesday: Woo-woo feng shui voodoo

I’ve spoken before of how and why I enjoy fooling around with feng shui. For me, it’s one part voodoo, six parts Really Fun Way to Clean and Organize Your House.

Anyway, I’ve probably spent the most time cleaning and organizing and feng shui-ing the two corners opposite one another in the far corners of the bagua, Prosperity and Helpful People & Travel. The former, everyone goes for first, for obvious reasons, which were the same ones did: “Money? Count me in!” And yeah, within two weeks of feng shui-ing the crap out of my Prosperity corner, two checks that producers had been sitting on for months, $10K each!, showed up in my mailbox. So, you know, maybe.

But really, the main reason I do those corners is because they are my kitchen and bathroom, respectively, and they get fiiiilthy. (And because, hey! More money!)

Some details possibly worth noting:

  • The book I reference is Karen Rauch Carter’s excellent (albeit very, very corny) Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, which I reviewed on the blog, and which I recommend all the time, especially for people going through some horrible life b.s. that have to process. It’s therapeutic and game-like at the same time, cleaning and decluttering and moving all that stuff around. (And the “fixes” are called “cures”.)
  • The names are written on slips of red paper because it’s supposedly “activating.” Again, who knows? But the acts of intentionally shopping for red paper, cutting it into strips, etc. focuses attention. You could also use a red pen on white paper. I’ve done that, too.
  • The iPhone app I reference and use during the video is called Downtime. It’s awesome and it’s free. Just remember to turn off the sound if you’re using it while you give a presentation. I had one hilarious experience with me and the Tarzan yell from They Might Be Giants’ cover of “Istanbul, Not Constantinople.” Fortunately, it was in front of a group of actors, not heads of state. (What? You don’t present in front of heads of state?)
  • Per the comments from last time, I did wear a scoop-necked shirt and brush on some eyebrows. But really, that’s all the dolling-up I can muster these days. Sorry.
  • Also, I’m sorry about the sound. It’s assy, I know; haven’t figured that out yet. I think the mic on the display might just be too sucky to use. It’s a shame: I love the Apple LED, and it is so much more energy efficient, it’s startling (there was a noticeable drop in my utility bill the month after I got it), but the audio components blow. If you are an audio-head and have suggestions, I’m all ears. So to speak.
  • I’m not sorry about calling it “Video Vednesday” again. For some reason, it reminds me of my dear, departed gramps, who taught me how to do crazy cartoon accents. I think he’d get a kick out of it, so for now, it stays.

I hope you find this enjoyable and/or useful. Again, as I work out the kinks with these, I am actively soliciting feedback: good, bad or mixed. Fire away!



  1. Magic works! I’m so with you and love the idea. I’m on the road, so I took a few post it notes and put my helpful crew in one of my extra metal biz card holders. I’ll get this juju into my home space on return. LOVE the vid–am not distracted by the sound and good choice on wardrobe/make up. You are feng shui-ing yourself!

  2. I loved this video, Colleen! The sound was fine, and it’s lovely to hang out in your wonderfully warm presence for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. :-)

    Feng-shui works by aligning energy and intention–I’m a fan! And since I’m moving into a new place this week, I’ll get to feng-shui an entire house once again.

    Love the Video Vednesday. Hope you’ll do more of these.

    1. Well, you would know about energy alignment, for sure. Thanks for the kind words. I will continue to feng shui AND make videos. Because, dadgummit, I like ’em both!

  3. This is a very helpful video Colleen. Strong possibility I will be moving within the next month or so, and this inspires me to start from scratch using feng-shui principles. I’ll get that book! Love your ‘look’ btw. I’m guessing those are Warby-Parker glasses? NiCE!

    1. They’re dead stock from a place called Old Focals in Pasadena. I’ve found that when it comes to the classic “ad man” hornrim, the subtle changes they make on the modern, retro versions don’t work for me. But I’m definitely going to try out a Warby Parker at some point. Bottle-green!

  4. Is it helpful to tell you that my overriding response, watching, was to wish you lived nearby so we could hang out?

  5. Been feng shui-ing a little with my studio space, but have not worked with the helpful people bagua. I will try this, and add some travel mojo as well!

    I like you. You are smart and funny. I am really not four, it just sounds that way today. Thank you!!!

  6. Y’know, the sound was fine for me. I wouldn’t sweat it unless you’re going to start broadcasting music. (I mean, aside from the music of your voice. :))

    Very cool ideas here. Takeaway, whether you believe in magic or not: small, really inconsequential investments can pay off big time. I notice that even if there’s no literal cause-and-effect link between (say) your work on the Prosperity corner and the arrival of the checks, that you did work on that corner and subsequently got the checks gave you a boost above and beyond simply having received the checks. It put your head in a good place. Nice work. (Now, there’s a self-help book title for you: Nice Work: A Guide to Doing What’s Good for You.)

    1. Thanks, John. Not planning any music broadcasting anytime soon. One brick at a time.

      I agree that the doing of something begets the feeling good about having taken some action. Not to say reflection isn’t useful, and meditation especially so, but the not-doing and the watching-of-television or the stewing-in-worry or whatever else? Not so helpful. Good point, that!

  7. I missed your first Vlog post, but I found this one to be great! It was short and to the point while offering an interesting idea I can try right now if I would like! As for calling it Video Vednesday, you have this dialect coach’s thumbs up on that. It makes me smile.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. If it passes muster with the dialect coach, I guess I can get over my self-consciousness and roll with the silliness.

      And shorter! Will keep striving for shorter!

  8. The phrase that really wants to come out so i’m jus gonna let er rip is “I don’t get it…” What isn’t there to LOVE about you in video? i know i can be a bit of hole licker when it comes to those i love in my life but i’m serious Colleen – you are totally fun to watch, i am compelled by your authenticity and courage and you should have a damn show! no, wait, how about a network? I thought the sound was fine too and I’m going to get my receptacle and red paper, stat!

    1. Oh, please, sister—when have we gotten together and not had a convening of the Mutual Admiration Society? We ought to carry Wet-Naps for our noses when we meet. In fact, I’m gonna start; I am!

      Thanks for the kind, not-at-all-brown-nose-y words. And YOU YOU YOU. There. I said it!

  9. A Vonderful Video! I vant more! I am the Viper come to Vipe the Vindows! Stop me von’t you please?!? Seriously, good stuff, Colleen…I bought the book based on your recommendation and review a while back and it is great. And you look adorable.

    1. Haha! My gramps used to tell me that joke, and I looooooved it, every time!

      Glad you’re enjoying the book. Corny, but good, it is. Why I feel compelled to qualify that each time, I do not know. But I do. I chalk it up to my own insecurity, and note it as something to work on in future.

  10. Loved the video, Colleen, and hope you will do more specifically with feng shui tips. I think there’s plenty to it, to be honest — the state of our home does affect our state of mind and vice versa, so why not?
    Ps the top photo of the three behind you is crooked. :)

    1. Well, way to out yourself, fellow OCD-er. Although I guess I’m not so OCD, if I let that slide.

      In fairness, it’s right behind my most-oft-opened cabinet (i.e., the one with the glasses and coffee mugs). So I’m forever righting it.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  11. I almost skipped the video on this one but then saw it was only 2:48, so good pick with the length!

    I thought the sound was fine too, but I think I’ve got links to some podcasting mikes somewhere…let me take a quick look. Hmm… not finding the link I thought I might have somewhere, or perhaps it’s just been so long that what I looked at seems out-dated. Search podcast mikes/microphones reviews. I think it’d be at least $50-100 for a mike that would be worth the bother…

    But, to reiterate, the sound didn’t make my skin crawl so you’re fine for now.

    thanks for the vlog!

  12. I don’t believe in hoodoo, but I do believe in focus. And any hoodoo that helps you to focus on the Good Stuff is fine by me. I’m tempted to try this one.

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