Poetry Thursday: The loud quiet of here and now

empty shelves by window with light pouring through

I have emptied
my shelves of books
my closets, of clothes
my lists, of good intentions
not just to make room
for whatever comes next
but to see
what is here right now:

the light
the dark
the rich
the worn
the choices upon choices
suddenly on display
when their numbers dwindle
and they no longer have each other
to hide behind.

is it ever there,
all that here:
more room
than I dreamed of
when I was drowning
in the lack of it
more quiet
than I could fill
if I sang for a thousand years.

But if for a moment
I can set down
these last, sad items,
my misspent past,
my pre-soiled future,

A hairline crack
lets the real light come pouring in,
enough so that even a blind old bat like me
can see that I am only really scared
when I am there
and that every single breath
is a free ride back to here


Image by vige via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. I love this, thank you for the ‘misspent past’ and ‘pre-soiled future’… disturbed robbers at my place yesterday… it’s truly good to know that is ‘there’ and and that ‘every single breath is a free ride back to here’.

  2. So wonderful; I have been just ITCHING to do this, to empty everything out to make room for that part of me that wants to grow, that wants new, that wants different, that wants to breathe without any hitches of breath. Thank you for reminding me it’s really a longing to be present.

  3. After filing for Divorce in January I started making room for what comes next. It has contributed to so much peace and freedom that it makes me wonder why it took such an event to prompt it.

    It’s one of those counterintuitive things being happier with less…

    The hairline crack has flooded my soul with the light of living in my own truths…

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