Poetry Thursday: For occasional blues

robin on a tree branch

When you are low

, and you will be,
just as sure as you
may not be now,

it is good to have
a few necessities in stock
to keep the beasts
at bay.

Like your day at Point Dume,
and that wall of wind pushing back
as you sung the first three lines
of fifty pop songs
against it
while your heart screamed,
my ocean!

Or sinking into the air-cooled comfort
of first show at the Grove
and tucking your chilled toes
up under your tush
as you prepared
to disappear
for two delicious hours

Or the heat of the tarpaper tiles
on the low-slanted roof
as you baked between classes
beside your traveling companion,
passing salted Ruffles
and a half-quart tub of sour cream
back and forth
against the prospect
of imminent minor discomfort.

The trick
if there is one
is to recall specifics
with the precision
of an ichthyologist
aligning individual scales:
the feel of leaning in
the nap of new velour
the slope of the incline

And if you can’t,
make it up

But precisely

God is in the details
even if you are the god
who put them there

and it is through these million
man-made pinholes
that you will reconnect
with the All-That-Is
and find the love
that eludes you now.


Image by opusbloo via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Thanks. That was a nail struck dead-on. I love that even in the sludge of an emotional low, it is possible to be pro-active, if even through a thought, a detail, a memory.

    Allowing yourself to remember that detail, though. That’s another hurdle.

    Thanks, Colleen, for sticking with it. You inspire me.

  2. You reminded me to take a moment to savour the things that I love about my life, some of them given to me and others of my design. Many of them bring such comfort when the lows hit.

    Thanks for the great reminder. Thursdays are good days.

  3. Thank you, lovely Internet (and real-life) friends.

    Ain’t no darkness without light, but it does help to be able to recall the latter during extended periods of the former.

    My heartfelt good wishes to your friend, Delia. I hope she finds some comfort soon.

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