Poetry Thursday: Useful


When I had few things
I collected them
to fill the spaces
that felt scary
and fix me in space
so I would not float away

Now I have things
enough to know
you collect nothing
but are yourself
the collection

All the thoughts you’ve thought
and the feelings you’ve felt
and the stories you’ve shared
make you
your own curio cabinet,
collection, and all.

Much more fulfilling
than things you can hold
much less dusting
than things you acquire

What is truly useful
is what you carry
in your head
and your heart
on the way home

What is truly extraordinary
is the home you find
in empty space.


Image by roosterfarm via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. I echo Marion’s comments. You seem to tap into a universal feeling. I’ve been noticing lately that an empty drawer or shelf seems like the ultimate luxury and a spot for new ideas to land.

    I love Poetry Thursdays!

  2. Thanks “C” I love your perspective of sorting out the useless and moving forward. Even for a totally organized Virgo, I still get caught up in the fog of holding on. Now is infinite, so why not live there?
    Thanks again for you.

  3. Great and beautiful stuff Coleen. Thank You and happy thanksgiving. I’ve been enjoying your show from behind the scenes and it’s very inspiring. Hope to meet you at the next Biznik.



  4. I used to save all of your writings
    in an e-mail file.
    but then realized
    there is no need
    because your writings
    have become
    a part of me
    and what could be better.

    “What is truly extraordinary
    is the home you create
    with empty spaces.”


    the empty spaces
    through which you allow
    your heart to be filled

    happy t-day

  5. I had an acting coach once who forbid us from taking notes in class. “If you don’t know it on your body, you don’t know it.” he would thunder.

  6. I just saw this, and I couldn’t agree more. Truly, the home you create with the empty spaces is extraordinary. Nice post, Communicatrix, and keep ’em coming!


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