Clearing my (psychic) clutter, Day 10: Dirty, dirty truth


Pull things away
from their resting places
and you will suddenly see
the dirt
that has gathered on
and in
and around them
while you were busy
with something else.

That is the truth
of neglect,
whatever its source.

Look, though,
at the spaces
you uncover
that are pristine.

They are the truth, too.

The truth
of what lies hidden
beneath whatever
would dim its shine

The truth
of things changing
in every moment
(and the one after that),
like it or not

The truth
of the way things work.

The truth
of what is possible
all the time
in any moment
with effort
and attention.



  1. Colleen:

    I have enjoyed reading your series about de-cluttering…mostly because I can identify very strongly with my need to de-clutter. Thank you, especially for your honesty through the process.

  2. Can’t decide which I like more: the poem, or the fact that you thought to take a photo of your newly cleared credenza! Decluttering is such a fantastic way to get unstuck. Thanks for sharing!

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