Clearing my (psychic) clutter, Day 3: What Lies Beneath


What lies beneath
the layers of dirt
the notes
the clothes
the ideas
we gather around us
is the truth:

No more.
No less.

This used to be white.
This used to mean something.
This once thrilled me so
I chose it
from among all other things
to live for that moment
in my home,
in my head,
in my heart.

So lovely.

But love
is fluid.
It moves through you
and me
and that fresh idea
and that fine article
and that beautiful note
and that smooth rock
you plucked from a beach
and secreted in your pocket
to finally place
on a shelf
first, to be admired
finally, to be forgotten
and is on
to the next thing.

You cannot hold love
and holding the things
that carried it to you
becomes so heavy.

Letting it go,
the note that opened your heart
the book that opened your head
the rock that carried that thought
will bring it back.

Under that rock
is the feeling you found
then thought you had lost.

Let go of that rock
and the feeling will come rushing back in
to the glorious
and honorable space
you have given it.



  1. You cannot hold love
    and holding the things
    that carried it to you
    becomes so heavy.

    Absolutely LOVED this. You are a genius. And now, you’re a genius with a clean closet. Congrats.

  2. Colleen, I love this poem in all its profound, lyrical wisdom. Like Pam, the stanza that rings in my heart is this:

    “You cannot hold love
    and holding the things
    that carried it to you
    becomes so heavy.”

    Thank you so much!

  3. Brilliant. This shines so bright it burns to read – burns through a lot of my own psychic and physical clutter, in fact.

    Thanks for taking this journey in a way that allows others to share, and unburden, along with you. Hooray for you!


  4. I agree this is wonderful. I am a rock collector too…. those bits of beloved nature I’ve brought inside are often the hardest things for me to part with, but if I do it in a sacred way, leaving them at the base of a tree I love for example, it does just what you say, it brings the feeling of love rushing back… thank you so much for this inspiration. This waning moon will see me parting with lots of it.

  5. Thank you, all! I tell you, it is mighty freeing, all of this letting-go stuff. Terrifying, too, but hey, change is scary.

    Did I say “scary”? I meant “TERRIFYING.”

    There. That’s better.

    LPC – It’s funny. I pulled off the flower pot that was sitting on top and my first thought was “ew,” followed quickly by my next thought, “Hey! Picture!”

    Kate TW – it’s stuff like the rocks that’s the hardest to let go of. Well, photos are…tough. But that poor rock? That someone once picked up and polished? I love your thing of putting it by a beloved tree. It’ll get unpolished again soon enough.

  6. I started this weekend with one word and it was “declutter.” What my subconscious meant by this is probably a many weekend project, an every day project. And I remembered this 21-day salute of yours that I hadn’t yet read, and my oh my how it is helping. Thanks for looking under your rocks, Colleen, and for sharing what you find.

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