Poetry Thursday: Enough room


You either give yourself enough room
or you give yourself enough rope.

Your choice
every day
even when it doesn’t seem that way.

You choose
the new project
or the space to let the old ones breathe.

You choose
crowded or airy
light or heavy
even or wobbly
caff, half-caff or decaf.

You you you
no matter how much you want
it to be
them them them.

God hands you a can of paint
for to spruce up a wall
or a chair
or a hall
or a door

Is it Her fault
you use it
to paint yourself into a corner

No matter.

There is rest there, too,
where vectors collide.
And much time
to ponder
the thrills of a full plate
as you multitask
and learn
precisely how much fun it is
watching paint dry…


Image by zap the dingbat via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Colleen:

    Awesome poem about how, ultimately, we choose how to react to our circumstances. We choose our attitude and our happiness. Thanks!

  2. PP – Oh, good—that’s what I was aiming for. Well, that and some kind of digital reminder to myself not to be so quick with the overscheduling.

    Debbe – No, YOU. :-)

    Tim – Thank you! It’s taken me soooooo long to wrap my head around this concept, and I’m still not “there”, but it gets easier. A little.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It describes most of my days, chasing my tail like a headless chicken and often meeting my self on the way back. Keep up the good work – I really enjoy your emails.

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