Referral Friday: Mule Design (t-shirt division)

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I worship Mike Monteiro.


No, seriously, I worship Mike Monteiro.


From afar. (Well, down the coast.) We’ve never met, unless you count exchanging Twitter direct messages. But after reading enough of his hilariously brilliant Twitter bon mots to intrigue me (like, two), I jumped over to the Google rabbit hole and checked his shit out.

Genius tempered with scruples? Check.

Beloved by many, including other wildly talented non-dickheads? Check.

Breadth and depth of delightful interests? Check and check.

But while those things may give you warm fuzzies, they cannot keep you warm. Or, more to the point, cool, like these t-shirts can.


I really wanted the one just above. Unfortunately, I look like dried-up gack on a Creamsicle stick in anything close to orange. So when Mike Monteiro (FULL DISCLOSURE! FULL DISCLOSURE!) offered me a free t-shirt of my choice for doing something I totally would have done anyway, with no expectation of anything, I chose this:


Now, seriously: I became an actor to tell the truth when all I had to do was spend twenty bucks on a Mule Design t-shirt? Whadda chump(ette).

Don’t you wait. Buy a t-shirt. Or a print, like I just did. Or donate to a cause near and dear to Mike’s heart, Small Can Be Big.

Who knows? Maybe we can change the world in increments of twenty bucks…


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  1. Does he have one that says, “Pretending Not To Be Old?” That would probably be the most appropriate for me.

  2. ok…so i wondered…who IS mike monteiro…and i wandered on over to see the coolest f*cking t-shirts ever…and yeah, they are pretty damn great…will most likely buy one…but couldn’t resist going back to the communicatrix portfolio of t-shirts and can’t help but say…the product modeling you sent became the reason I wanted to buy one…not mike monteiro’s virtual storefront…i hope he hires you…his sales will skyrocket…and no…i was not paid anything to make this comment

  3. Delia – Aren’t they?! Glad you dig ’em, too.

    LPC – Haha. No. Although something tells me you’d look smashing in one of those “US Out of California” jobbies. :-)

    Debbe – Well, I’m game if he is. I mean, models get to keep all the clothes, right? I mean, right?!

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