Poetry Thursday: All the room in the world


If it helps

we’re only renting

The car you drive

The house you bought

Those shoes

That ring

This muffin

It all passes through

like it was never yours

to begin with

(Especially the muffin)

I’m the caretaker

for now

of this hat

that fridge

these cells

and once my term is up

they will move on

to the next caretaker

in some shape

or another entirely

Be the container

that is clean and good

to hold these things

for the time they are yours:

these babies

those thoughts

this poem

And be prepared

to let go

at a moment’s notice

(or not)

when the moment comes

And if you feel sad

or heavy

or small

let go

let go

let go

All the stuff in the world

is not half as wonderful

as the room left behind

once it’s gone.



Image by Capture Queen via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. PP – Thank you, for this and all your encouragement. I still feel like a total fraud posting these, but at least I am a well-supported fraud.

    Pace – That way for you, too, huh? It’s an amazing class. Plan on some big Mark Silver pimpage, coming up soon.

  2. I told you I’ve started looking forward to poetry Thursdays. Today did not disappoint. I’ve been reading Rightsize Your Life, so letting go is very much on my mind.


  3. This is my favorite plus it put a tear in my eye!

    I don’t wanna let go any time soon but when that moment comes, I hope I’ve lived life to the fullest and passed on everything I can to those that are willing to accept them.

    Great job C!

  4. Very, very nice. And considering what we’re going through right now, it’s especially meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Crying, crying, crying. Did you *write this*??? Sorry, I’m completely ignorant about Poetry Thursday. I am officially putting this on my DESKTOP. It needs to be constantly in front of my face. Thank you, Colleen. Argggh…the struggle of staying right here in front of my babies and my guy and losing the stupid debilitating anxiety! Wow, I’m self-absorbed. Anyway, this is spectacular. And probably not at all about anxiety. :)

  6. Fantastic! Really enjoyed this poem. Can’t recall the last time I read one that made me laugh out loud (especially the muffin) and stop and think about the profound nature of, well, nature.

    Big fan of your writing since the days Epinions began.

    Keep it up.


  7. Eeeeeeeee-pinions!

    Glad to see a pioneer ’round these here parts.

    O, some happy, crazy days there. Yes, indeedy.

    And if you can’t laugh during poetry, the hell with it. That’s my position.

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