Soaking in it


The non-goal-oriented are different from you and me.

Or, to leech off another work of literary genius, all non-goal-oriented people resemble one another; each goal-oriented soul is miserable in his own way.

Or, to cheese it up a notch, it was a dark and stormy unnamed-but-seemingly-interminable number of nights.

Over and over, I’m being told to be patient. That “it” is right there, the thing I’m looking for, that clarity, that understanding, that NNW (or SSE, or whatever) on the compass. Or around the corner. Or around the corner, down the block, past the highway, thumb out, hitching a ride on the lonely interstate, making its way to me. My job, and everybody has a job, as Frances the Anthropomorphic Badger‘s father told me so many years ago, is to sit tight and wait for it. To sit, period. To soak in it. I mean, I’m allowed to get up and use the metaphoric restroom or stretch my metaphoric legs: this isn’t E.S.T.

Okay, I’m being a little dramatic. Let’s chalk it up to frustration at being sick again because I ignored the warning signs again because, well, it was too much fun, grabbing at all those shiny objects around me. I’ll be fine. It’s just normal-people sick, not Crohn’s sick, and I’ve scaled back. (Which was another helpful suggestion I received, to scale back. Really? Ya think?)

The universe will present you with the same lesson over and over until you choose to learn it. Occasionally, if you’re really lucky and the universe is in the right kind of mood, it will give you a peek under the tent at eternity. In the meantime, do your job, even if the job of the moment is a kind of not-doing.

Do. Soak. Repeat…


Image by emdot via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Ha! Spoken like a true Virgo-ian. I’m a Gemini with more than my share of earth mixed in, and I can *totally* relate to the goal-oriented impatience and just wanting to get there, wherever “there” is.

    The great, hopeful thing, IMO, is that every time the universe re-presents you with the lesson, you will be a slightly (or radically) different person, and maybe more prepared to get it. “You never step in the same river twice” and all that.

  2. According to a Zen-saying over on the PT blogs, “no seed ever sees its flower.”
    Ponder and make of that what you will, I’m just going to say that I love the pic you’ve used for this post and that I’m sending good vibes in the hope you feel better soon (or when your body deems it’s ready).
    One other thought: when German kids don’t listen / pay attention, they’re told to go wash their ears. Which body part can us stubborn adults wash to make our inner voice easier to hear? As in, compel us to pay attention to the signs you mentioned and take appropriate action?

  3. I think to those of us who are goal-oriented, patience is the hardest thing. It’s like telling us to stand on our heads all day. It’s kind of impossible. It gets in the way of what we are pre-programmed to do.

    I remember as a kid, my mom took me to an office to visit one of her friends. This was back in the day when a woman who was, like, a VP-of-anything was a huge deal. She had a little plaque on her desk that said “hard charger”, and I thought this was the ultimate achievement. Anything less than hard charger was just not okay.

    Problem is, hard chargers also get fun labels like “ulcer” and “high blood pressure” and all kinds of other fun stuff by the time they are, say, 35. They screw up relationships and end up eating meals-on-wheels while wearing their fur coats.

    Screw it. Go at your own pace. And feel better. Spend the whole day in bed if you can.

    Yeah, I realize that’s like I’ve just told you to stand on your head for the entire day….

  4. Don’t know that there is an “it.” My goal is simply to enjoy my journey.

    Sometimes it’s a straight road to what I want to accomplish and other times, it’s a meandering path.

    Though different, both are enjoyable.


  5. Germinational – Excellent point, and one which I utterly forgot. I love Julia Cameron’s image of the spiral—same lessons over and over, slightly different level. She probably wasn’t the first to come up with it, but it’s the first time it struck me enough to stick. Must have been all that quality time I spent with the cover. HA.

    PP – Thank you!

    Dee – Another good one! I’ve been working a lot with the Remembrance, thanks to Mark Silver, and I’m liking it. I do the same stuff, but approach it in, um, conference with the Divine. And I’m not talking Bette Midler, although she wouldn’t be a bad one to have in my corner, either.

    Liz – As one who got walloped with my own PAY ATTENTION disease, I heartily concur. Still not so good with the patience, but am working on it. Hard. And fast. :-)

    Judith – Sounds like you’re further along than I. Good for you. Now I’m going to back off and rest, before Miss Ange kicks my butt.

  6. It’s so funny or should I say synchronicity? Just before reading your always fun and enlightening blog I received my daily “Note from the Universe”

    One must let go, Bert, in order to be free.
    You know,
    The Universe

    Then I read your blog about soaking it in and being patient. Okay, Universe! Letting go, and soaking it in and…trying to be patient. But please hurry, if I have to tend bar one more day someone might get hurt.

  7. I think the goal oriented folks like us though sometimes rather than heed the little whispers of “The universe will present you with the same lesson over and over until you choose to learn it.” — wait until the Universe whacks us upside the head with it so to be sure we’re really listening. I’m getting better at listening to the whispers and taking less whacks to the head…, age, wisdom, not sure ;-)

    Hope you are feeling better & do take care of yourself. Like I remind myself when I take the foot off the gas a hair to just BE, refuel, relax, enjoy now…. it is all A-OK because without my own well-being the goals, well lose their luster.

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