Now, more than ever


Reach out
when you feel like folding in.

Spend a little
where it matters
rather than shutting your wallet

Lend a hand
even if it seems
like no one is lending you one.

Especially if it seems like no one is lending you one.

Take a break
from your non-stop work
and your worry

and maybe, the TV.

Move your body
when you feel like balling it up
in the corner.

Throw off the covers
when you’d rather pull them up
over your head.

Wear a hat if you never have; wear a crazy hat if you already do.

Ask for help
when you’re afraid.

Try a new thing
when you’re afraid.

Mix it up
when you’re afraid.

Now, more than ever

Write short
if you usually write long.

Write verse
if you usually write prose.

if you usually don’t.

(No fooling.)


Photo by Marvin Joseph, Staff Photographer to The Washington Post, © 2006; via hortulus on Flickr.


  1. Dammit, what is is doing on a real blog where I can’t heart it or star it.


    Get out there and take a risk, people :)

  2. I love this!

    As chaos, uncertainty and change triggers us to want to curl up in fear and take a defensive stance, it’s the people who can continue to live from a place of love (by extending their contribution in spite of the potential threats) who will thrive.


  3. Thank you, both. I can’t take credit, really—I swear, something sat me down and wrote it for me. Probably what’s happening most of the time if I just paid attention.

    But yes, it felt good!

  4. Wow – that’s an amazing picture. I also wanted to thank you for guiding me to iSerenity – I’m am jamming at work listening to the typewriter WITH carriage return :)

  5. Frankly I look forward to every one of your emails. Normally I don’t comment, I just enjoy what you write.

    But this one make me want to say, GREAT JOB!

    Thanks for putting yourself out there. Your writing has integrity.


  6. Debi – Isn’t it!? I so hope that when I’m a really old lady (provided I’m allowed the privilege of making it that far) I’ll look good in hats. Glad you’re digging the iSerenity. I tried the typing; made me feel like I was in the steno pool.

    Judity – Enjoy, comment, what have you. I’m honored that you’d do either, and that you keep it up. So I will, too. Thanks for your very kind words.

  7. love it love it love it. Thank you! One of many of your posts I will forward to friends….

  8. Not only am I forwarding it to folks, I am going to print it off and put it on my fridge, or maybe above my kitchen sink. I have been receiving this message in various forms several times a week for the past month or two. Now, if you say it Colleen, it must be true!

  9. FANTASTIC. Really, really wonderful. Thank you so much for this uplifting and optimistic bit of brilliance :)

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