Speaking of shilling…


I spent half of my weekend helping actors understand how getting super-focused with their message would help them.

I spend the other half fiddling around with a testimonial randomizer to display Great Stuff About Me in the Sidebar.

The one is so easy, it’s ridiculous. I feel like I was made to talk to people about stuff I’ve learned along the way that will likely help them along their way. Even when I’m exhausted (and I kinda was, this weekend, since I’d started my week out with this annoying cold), I’m exhilerated.

The other is so hard, it’s even more ridiculous. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it makes all the sense in the world. Maybe it’s still me, doing penance for all the crap I foisted upon the world in the name of marketing. Or rather, that I wasted my time and talents foisting upon the world in the name of marketing. Because let’s be fair: it’s never been the ads themselves I was against (or most of them, anyway); it was the ratio of effort to output they required. Endless fucking meetings representing tens of thousands of man-hours, and SMART man-hours, because advertising back then really did draw from the best of the creative brain trust, all to figure out which way the bears should dance around the cereal box.


I’ve done a lot of penance. And I’ve come to realize that maybe it’s important to figure out a way to promote stuff that should be promoted. And maybe, just maybe, I’m some of that stuff. If what I’m doing can help anyone, I owe it to that person not only to be available to help, but to maybe turn a porch light on so they can find me in the dark.

There are 15 rotating porchlights in my far-right sidebar as of Sunday night. If you usually read this via email, or a feed, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could click on through to the blog, then hit “refresh” a few times (or visit some different pages, to trigger the mechanism), and let me know what you think.

You guys know. You’re at least as smart as all those people in advertising, and probably smarter. Definitely nicer.

All my love to you this lovely Monday…


Image by rooneg via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. LOVE them! They are straight to the point, written by heavy hitters and highlight what’s great about you–I’d add some from consult/coachees, too–so folks get that there is more than funny/writing to you. The design of them also tells us you are a high-quality visual communicator.

    ROCK IT, Colleen! We are at the edge of the stage waiting for a drop of sweat to fly off.

  2. Very cool! The testimonials are fantastic, the plug-in works – it does take a while to load though. In between refreshing, I mean. Or is that just my connection? We’ve this fiber-optic thingy that’s supposed to be fast. (Can you tell I’m not techy-minded?) Anyway – well done! :-)

  3. The testimonials are a very excellent addition. If I had money I’d hire you in a heartbeat, and we’d figure out what for as we went along.

    I have a feeling this is an awesome year to be you. xox, ps

  4. If you ever are rolling through the midwest speaking, holla. I’d come see you or try to get my groups to hire you.

    The testimonials are great, the site looks good. I get you rss so popping over to see your new do was a nice suggestion.

  5. Okay,
    I need basic lessons in major IT basic nerdcrophilia.
    What lights?
    Why can’t I maximize? Which leads me to, why is the print on Facebook too small to see, and why can’t I spell check it, and why do the people I work with think that these burning (and admittedly inane and insane)questions are not of any importance and a sign that I am just here to steal their money? Are they wrong? Is a bigger monitor better? (The bosses will think they pay me too much if I buy one.)
    This can’t be so hard if so many others are able to do it.
    What am I gonna have to pay for an hour of IT nerd lessonry?
    What am I gonna have to do to shift a bunch of paradigms all at once?
    Which also reminds me, why do we have pennies? Don’t they cost more to make than a penny? If you don’t use them, you just get more and more of them. Somebody has something evil going on here, and it’s not just cuz I’m paranoid and addled that I say that.
    Cx is a rock star.

  6. Well-done, Colleen! I’ve always loved the look and functionality of your site, and the large green quotation mark and testimonials are a cool addition. Also dig the evolution of “hire my ass” to “hire me” to “rent my brain”! I love it! Cheers!

  7. Dyana – Great suggestion. So people know, the plugin lets you create groups of images, too. A handy feature!

    Doris – The more images there are, the longer the page load time, and yeah, these are pretty hi-res images. It’s a constant struggle b/w looks and usability with me. I may try swapping in lower-res images next time to see if that helps. Thanks.

    PS – Thanks. I hope you’re right, for both our sakes!

    Julianna – Will do! Would love to make a Midwest tour once this crappy weather passes (and we start getting our HOT crappy weather.)

    Ilise/Emma – Agreed. How great is that!?

    Larry – Are you viewing on a monitor that blocks images? If so, this whole post won’t make sense. I can come down to your firm and give a little workshop on social media. They’ll have to pay me, but they’ll get more than their money’s worth.

    Alexis – Thanks! I think I may adjust the “hire” buttons on the upper right even further. They still feel a little muddy, whereas the “actor?” and “crohn’s?” buttons are super-direct.

  8. I love your “porchlights!”

    OT: Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment pointing out that I’d misidentified you. It was particularly nice of you to also correct my mistake in the name of the person I confused you with without rubbing my nose in it.

    I’m very sorry. I corrected the post. Few people read the blog, so I hope the damage caused is minimal. Please tell me if there is more I can do.

    Thank you again and thanks especially for sharing your talents on this blog.

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