Get your motor runnin’, Day 5: Theme Song for 2009!

First day of a new week.

First (business) day of the new year.

First day of the rest of your life. (Okay…sorry. It’s a ’60s thing. You had to be there.)

I figure this is as good a day as any to put the FIRST EVER video on communicatrix-dot-com. (No, that Southwest Blog-O-Crap Contest thingy doesn’t count: that was a still frame linking to a video; this is the video, uh, also linking to the video.)

WARNING: There are VERY naughty words contained herein. Three of them (I think), two of which are used multiple times, and with vigor. Because something about songwriting brings out the filth in me, I guess. Also, this song covers an important subject that demands underlining! But if you’re a sensitive motherfucker, you should probably just ignore this and come back tomorrow.

Ready? I give you…

The Boulder: A New Song for a New Year

Happy new year! Now, let’s get to work!



  1. Brilliant! (And, I think, one of those songs that will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of the day! ha)

    All the best!

  2. Deb – It’s a good thing to have stick if it helps you get unstuck. :-)

    DailyTri – Great! That’s why I did it.

    Dana – Alas, Arnie was at The Country House. The De-Luxe shower cap, however, stays with me.

    Alexis – Thanks! The bridge is shaky, but I figure it’s better to let the cracks show. (Unless it’s a real bridge, in which case, fix that infrastructure!)

    NFH – Thank you. Perfect? I don’t know. But I’m pretty happy with that Moleskine line, I have to say.

  3. Wicked good! If the video doesn’t go viral, there’s no justice in the blogosphere. Oh, and here’s a little ditty I wrote for the support group I’m starting for everyone who’s watched it:

    It’s been a couple days since you first listened to this song.
    Who would have thought its lyrics could stick with you for so long?
    But every time you try to think of something else instead,
    You find you just can’t get the @#$%&* thing out of your head.

    You sing it in the shower, ‘cause you’ve memorized the score;
    You hum it in the cheese aisle at your local grocery store.
    How can you exorcise it and move on to something new?
    Now the biggest item on your list of things to do is to…

    Get this @#$%&* song out of your @#$%&* brain,
    This @#$%&* song out of your @#$%&* brain.
    If you ever want to concentrate on anything again
    You’ll get this @#$%&* song out of your @#$%&* brain!

    Thank you!

  4. you make me laugh and laugh. i love it! i was singing along and when you went high with “only one thing to do”, i have to admit i sang dooodly-ooodly-do. yeah, got carried away.

  5. Man that song is awesome! That can definitely go in my rude song collection :)

    Also, have you ever listened to Deidre Flint? I can see a few similarities in your style to hers.

    Now to go trawling through your archives some more and see what other treasures I can find.

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