100 Things I Learned in 2006, Part II

couch on wheels
For all you OCD types who felt out of whack with a lopsided list, here’s the back 50:

  1. Back up your files.
  2. Getting to Empty is more of a process than an event.
  3. An ongoing process.
  4. That goes on and on.
  5. I should not even bother trying on a garment which is not charcoal, burgundy, pumpkin or that one shade of blue that works with my eyes.
  6. Antibiotics wreak at least as much havoc as they prevent.
  7. Indiana south of Indianapolis is startlingly beautiful.
  8. And frequently, hilarious.
  9. Furniture is more excellent on wheels.
  10. I was high on crack thinking I could write a 750 word column in one hour.
  11. After 45, even skinny people put on weight.
  12. “More fun” is a great prescription for personal happiness.
  13. It sounds obvious, but it isn’t.
  14. The Secret is another good place to start.
  15. I really missed gyros.
  16. My favorite couplet in any song ever is one I wrote myself.
  17. This makes me either more talented or more vain than I’m prepared to deal with just yet.
  18. I should quit worrying about when Sean will can my slacker ass and just blog, already.
  19. The second-most important thing after bringing the tape recorder is remembering to turn it on.
  20. There’s almost no funk that can withstand the O-magazine/epsom-salt bath/Play Misty for Me trifecta
  21. Life is more fun with a label maker.
  22. I can be hot when I’m 50.
  23. And 60.
  24. And 70.
  25. Kindred spirits show up in places you’d least expect them to.
  26. Doing Best Year Yet is hard.
  27. People reveal more than they think by the things they complain about.
  28. Disneyland is more fun when you bring kids.
  29. Even if you don’t get to go on the coolest rides.
  30. And you lose one of the kids.
  31. Never take Santa Monica or Melrose back to Silver Lake when you are trying to prove a point about shortcuts.
  32. More than any kind of theater, I love a really good musical.
  33. This is a really good musical.
  34. When it comes to books, my eyes will always be bigger than my stomach.
  35. Burning incense makes me feel rich.
  36. My drinking days are probably numbered.
  37. You don’t know how depressed you are until you suddenly aren’t.
  38. The best DVDs to own are Saturday Afternoon Hangover movies.
  39. The next-best are TV shows.
  40. The greatest luxury no one realizes is time spent alone.
  41. I just don’t like almond butter.
  42. Or The Big Lebowski.
  43. Or San Diego.
  44. When it comes to taking care of my own health, I have been the world’s greatest asshole.
  45. People like stories.
  46. It’s never going to be easy.
  47. It’s always going to be interesting.
  48. Those Entertainment coupon books are a ripoff.
  49. If I can do it, anyone can.
  50. This means you…

May your 2007 bring you your heart’s desire, and may your heart’s desire bring the world greater peace and happiness.


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  1. Apparently, once the floodgates open … ha. Really, I surprise even myself that I’ve got anything more to say, but it’s not my fault since you put Nos. 11 through 14 on the list.

    11 is so unexpected, the mind can hardly comprehend the ferocity of onset. It needs a whole new game plan. One that doesn’t involve a gym membership and private pilate instruction, because I’m old school and absolutely don’t believe that I should have to pay to just get off my fat ass.

    12 and 13 are really good filler to get to

    14 is as much a surprise as 11, only a much better one. Great in every way – a movie about 12 and 13. And the same can be said. A lot of it seems obvious, but embracing it and feeling it’s a whole other thing.

    31. What, were you high? Ha. I love navigating the backstreets. I pick Franklin. And sometimes, even better, Franklin up to Los Feliz. And, in a real pinch, Fountain.

    Did I win?

  2. I swear the Buddhists got it right. Life’s difficult, part of its fundamental nature, and it never really ever all comes together. But I agree with you, C, when you say it’s interesting. I know now that it’s all about mindset. Re: your observation on depression, it’s alot like the air conditioner…you never really how loud it is until somebody turns it off. For me, the biggest hurdle is in knowing that I’ve moved into a depression (vs. convincing myself that the pre-depression reality was just an illusion and THIS misery is what life is REALLY all about). Now I know it’s all illusion and that true reality is in this different place altogether…I don’t spend nearly enough time there). Thanks for living out loud, C. All the best in 2007.

  3. Cris – I never doubted that you couldn’t resist chiming in. If there’s one thing a talker can recognize, it’s another talker.

    MEB – Those damned Buddhists. I say they’re right about everything but the no coffee/dancing/alcohol. Oh, wait–those aren’t Buddhists.

    deezee – Like I always say, laughing beats crying…

  4. Re: #40: oh, please trust me. I realize.

    Re: #48: one purchase of primo hockey seats at buy one get one free, saving me $120 vs. a $24.95 book (net savings of $95?) says otherwise. But to each their own. ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Actually I think Buddhism at least “discourages” caffeine and alcohol, and that the “upper levels” (wrong word for it), I think it’s supposed to be cut entirely…

    I only know that because while I could theoretically give up the occasional beer (because it leads to random commenting on blogs on New Years Eve when the wife’s asleep?), I’ll never be able to give up coffee. And that has strangely soured me on a serious pursuit of Buddhism.

    When they criminalize caffeine, I’ll just sign up for 25 to life, because I’m gonna be a habitual offender…

  6. eve – Seriously. I mean, whatever that part of Indiana that’s lumped in with Chicago? As in “the greater Chicagoland area”? Um…not so great.

    Jennifer – I think 50% of the problem was that I bought a book for L.A. westsiders, not eastsiders. I mean, it was only $25, and I’ll get it all back w/ the Ralphs (supermarket) coupons alone, but seriously. There is so much fast food gack in there!

    Jamie – Buddhists. They’re a real fun-loving bunch. Personally, I realized I was miles away from being able to *think* about Buddhist when I found out that letting go of *happiness* was the prize at the end of the journey. AUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! I get it in theory, but that is one chilly prospect for someone who’s still working *towards* happiness.

    annie – I hope that means you’re on the other side of 37. And I hope I get to see you more this year.

  7. I’m opposed to entertainment books and discount clubs of all kind, primarily because I have wasted so much money buying/joining them, and then never remember the coupons until it’s too late. Plus, there’s only so many 20% off dry-cleaning coupons that one person can use…

  8. So does that mean if I’m fat at 40 i could potentially be THINNER at 45? Because that is what I’m hoping for.

    (Lookee, broke down and got me another blog. No longer going by HMS…those days be done. : )

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