Scanning my #$@! photos, Day 4: Call me ‘Patches’!

me with pillow on head

There are so many wrongs this picture reminds me of.

Me, leaving the price tag on my new toque.

My grandparents, seizing the free pass for unfettered hillbilly decorating that the 1970s provided to recover their spectacular, Mid-Century sofa in movie theater carpeting.

My mother, letting me out of the house wearing Garanimals, The Holly Hobbie Edition. Hell, I hated Holly Hobbie.

But really, what disturbs me most is the placement of my hands. What am I doing with my hands!?! At my grandparents’ house!!!

On Christmas!!!


UPDATE: Oh, yeah, and Bonwit Teller closing. And for what? To make room for another Victoria’s Secret?


  1. God only knows how or why I stumbled upon this page, but seeing this picture prompted the strangest recollections of other photos of people with pillows on their heads. Here’s mine , and I know of three or four others I’ve taken which are offline. Perhaps, there is nothing original in this pose of frivolity, or perhaps it is one wacky coincidence.

    Coincidentally, I’ve been scanning old photos, not really of myself, but my father’s family in the 1920’s through the 1950s. (If you’re curious, see here and here . I’ve been interviewing my father and uncle about these photos, and someday I hope to put the audio and photos on the web together. The net allows photos to be better annotated, so using wayback machine will make it relatively easy to access your comments on your own photos you have scanned here. But scanning old photos and annotating them can be incredibly time-consuming! Fatigue quickly sets in. Good luck on it.

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