Scanning my #$@! photos: A 21-Day Salute (Day the first)

look ma, one hand!

Despite my busy-ness, despite my picayune woes, and mainly because I am both stubborn and perverse, I am going ahead with my monster plan for the next three weeks.

Yes, from the obsessive neurons that brought you Cheering the Hell Upâ„¢ and Cleaning My Damned Apartmentâ„¢ comes the next 21-Day Saluteâ„¢, Scanning My #$@! Photosâ„¢. You have The BF’s anal-retentive brother to thank for this; on my recent visit to The BF Family Farm, I was both agitated and inspired by the masterful job The BF’s Brother (a.k.a., TBFB) did on the family photos.

I suppose I should have dug deep, deep down into the detritus of my ancestors’ photo boxes to find some more appropriate salutory photo. But frankly, I suspect that if one exists, it is at the very bottom of a scarily large pile.

So instead, I have chosen the above gem, taken on the set of one of the many Gatorade commercials I authored, me, whose lack of coordination was rivalled only by her lack of fashion sense.

Lest you miss the finer, more spectacular points of this photo, I must needs point out the following:

1. That actor-boy is holding up my out-of-shape, copywriter ass WITH ONE HAND!!!

2. My (white) cross-trainers have Velco straps!!!

3. I am wearing an actual Tilley Hat!!!

Betcha can’t wait ’til tomorrow…



  1. Rah ra rah! Go communicatrix!

    I’m looking forward to reading another one of your neurosis. :)

    I quite like reading them. They get me thinking about what i can do myself. I like your self challenges; in them you seem to find many answers.

  2. You going for quality or quantity on the photos scanned? I tried this project with a film scanner, to preserve to the quality of the negatives. But the software sucked and I abandoned it. I presume you’re using a basic flatbed scanner.

  3. Jessica – since I’m my harshest critic, my self-challenges tend to produce the best results. Go figger…

    Dave – I know!!! But this was taken eons ago, long before Photoshop had taken root on my directory. Besides, my desire to procrastinate has its limits.

    Neil – Probably not. I was a good copywriter, but even I was no match for the mediocrity machine that was Quaker Oats. Seriously–a bunch of MBAs at a cereal company were responsible for sports advertising. Most of them wouldn’t know cool if it came up and thwomped them across the face.

    Pete – This is a pump-priming experiment. I’m seeing how long it takes, how much time I want to devote, etc. My scanner is a POS–fine, but no great shakes. (Flatbed Canon bought for space purposes.) To do it right, I’d want a much higher quality flatbed scanner, maybe drum scans for the stuff I really want to preserve and more time. Lots and lots more time.

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