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I’ll be honest: I prefer those periods characterized by boundless energy and the fruitful activity that accompanies it to the doldrums. But I learn more from the latter.

Yes, once again, my colon has decided to show me who’s boss. It’s a benevolent dictator, really: provided I toe the party line, I get to keep my fine job, spacious apartment and weekend dacha by the lake. But when I decide to be a spoiled brat and assert my right to individual expression in the form of forbidden carbohydrates and intensely caffeinated beverages, I get my ass kicked. Literally.

The good news is I’ll finally get a semi-scientific read on how well these toxic immunosuppressants work to keep the bugs at bay vs. the diet. I have The Good Insurance through the end of the year, so tomorrow, I’m scheduling what will be the last of my free-ride colonoscopies for some time. And since this is the first time I’m getting one when (a) I’m on meds for reals and (b) I’m mad cheating on the SCD, I’ll finally have actual, visual proof of what my gut has been telling me (literally) for a long time: I do better off carbs AND meds.

Not that my beloved-if-blinded-by-Big-Medicine GI docmeister will agree with me. But since I will pretty much be my own health insurance for the foreseeable future, his vote doesn’t count for much anymore…


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  1. Which meds are you on these days? I’ve read back through your blog, but I think you only mention Prednisone once while here it sounds like you’re on several.

    My doctor’s pushing the 6MP like crack – I’d like to try the SCD for a few months first, but I don’t know if my colon will allow me the luxury of time to test it out. That, and I’m supposed to go to Thailand for three weeks in December so I ideally would like to have my health be at a managable level by then.

    How does one manage these diseases in a somewhat underdeveloped country? =/

  2. I’m on 6MP now, 50mg/day, and that’s it. Been on it since April of this year, this round. I’ve never thought it did much, outside of making my hair fall out. It’s really good at that.

    The prednisone is great for stopping flares in their tracks, but you can’t stay on it long term, as you know. I’ve been on prednisone 4x, including my onset. The other 3x I flared b/c of: (1), hormonal birth control; (2) dad dying (i.e., stress); (3) antibiotics.

    If your liver is in good shape, the 6MP probably won’t hurt you, short term. (Read up on long term effects, though, before you sign on.) But for me, I don’t think it really helps, either–at least, not w/o substantial help from the diet.

    If you’re traveling, I’d discuss taking a scrip for prednisone and how to administer it BEFORE you go. Then avoid what you can that you know sets you off. But you should know that SCD takes time to work, and they’re not kidding when they say “fanatical adherence”: you cannot cheat in the beginning, even unknowingly, and have it work.

    And obviously, for you or anyone else reading this, I’m not a doctor, this doesn’t constitute medical advice, blah blah blah.

    Also, I’d advise anyone coming here to learn about SCD to subscribe to the Long Island Listserv. They’re kinda persnickety sometimes, but they offer really good support/advice for diet-related stuff.

  3. Thanks, I’ll check out the Long Island Listserv. And thanks for the honesty about the 6mp. My doctor seems to think that it will solve all my problems, which seems silly since even 60mg of Prednisone never fully put me into remission.

    I’m having one hell of a fall season, colon-wise: moving, stopping my hormonal birth control after twelve years, two recent hospital stays due to a flare and then the anemia that came with it. My UC has also gifted me with four kidney stones over the past year, which add to the money/academic stress. Oh, for joy. I’m still here though and I plan to be around for quite a while!

    I wonder if it’s possible to keep up the SCD in a country where you’re not only unfamiliar with the cooking culture but unable to communicate with the locals due to the language barrier? This could mean trouble…

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