Good-looking vs. attractive…TV SPOTS!!!

liberty mutual ad

I know Brandon will be all over my shit for not posting the actual GOOD-LOOKING VS. ATTRACTIVE blog first, but frankly, I am so pissed at Dreamhost now, I can barely write straight*.

Besides, it’s too hot here in Ye Olde Time Los-Angeles-with-a-hard-“g” to think deeply. And I’m a former media maven. So I’m using my little corner of Le Web to crow about Liberty Mutual’s latest commercial, yes, COMMERCIAL, which makes me weep and soar and want to do everything including go back into copywriting (well, almost). Seriously.

I still haven’t figured out how to post goddam videos to my blog, but I’m posting the link to the YouTube upload here (and on the pic itself, natch).

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Almost makes up for that McDonald’s crime against humanity where Young Mom and her Lispy Daughter bond over their mutual fabulousness and a faux-healthy UnHappy Meal. Gack gack gack. Could we just dispense with everyone in advertising except the Liberty Mutual people and whoever does the VFX for the GAP and the geniuses behind the new GEICO campaign? Really. I’ll give up commercial acting; it’s a fair trade.


P.S. For the record, I could not disagree more vehemently with the board nerds who be hatin’ on the superfantabulous Charo/Bacharach/Little Richard ads. First time I’ve smiled at a GEICO spot since they stopped airing mine.

*And relax, Brando, it’s saved and ready for when I am. Before I leave for Parts North, I promise…


  1. Are you ok? Are you hallucinating from the heat? Why do i have the feeling that the Liberty Mutual marketing department parsed the data from recent focus groups and found that “corporate malfeasance” came up high on the list. (ie, not paying up for claims in a recently drowned city). Then they had the good folks at Hill Holliday come up with these feel good boards to be shot by, i don’t know, if they had a retarded looking kid in them I’d say Jim Gartner. The one thing that brought a smile to my face was the thought of the creative director and writer sniffing coke off a stripper’s tits right after the shoot.

    If it sounds like I’m upset, I’m not. Really. I like to help people. Not corporations. Quitting advertising was the best move you ever made.

    By the way, did you know Lance Bass was gay?

  2. HEY! I bond over the Happy Meal… they put juice in them, now… that’s healthy… right? AW, FUCK MORGAN SPURLOCH!!!! He fucking ruined it for everyone.

    Good Health!


  3. That commercial scared the shit our of me. Everywhere you looked, things were falling on people’s heads, chairs were tipping over, cars were about to crash. I was about to leave the house for the first time in three days. But no more. Thanks a lot, Colleen!!

  4. So, I was actually going to blog about how much I hate the new Hummer commercials. I decided to do some Googling to see if I could find a summary or (better yet) a video already uploaded, to show you this ad, in case you haven’t seen it.

    When I tell you that I WANT TO DROP MY TELEVISION FROM THE TOP OF THE BUILDING when this commercial airs, I am NOT kidding.

    But in my Googling, I found that quite a few people are already ranting about this topic and I needn’t even bother. Besides, it’s hot.


    My point?

    Um. Hummers suck. Yeah. I guess that’s all I had to say.

  5. Groby – way more outages, delays, non-loading pages and general hinkiness than one should have to deal with. I’m locked in for another year, then I’m out like a double-knit pantsuit.

    BF – yeah. I probably would have been a riefenstahl fan back in the day.

    Rick – I miss Happy Mealz and I miss Filet O’Fishness even more. But that commercial makes me feel a lot better about not buying from Mickey D’s any more.

    Neil – I think it’s safe n–aaaaaugh!!!

    Bon – those spots make me laugh and laugh. ha ha, stupid Hummer drivers! now even the company that makes the stupid cars you drive is screaming the truth about your tiny penis size to the rafters!

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