What I overdid on my summer vacation

summer heat

I don’t know why as adults, we feel like we should take the summer off the way we did when we were kids. I get that the conditioning is pretty strong coming off of 12 or 16 years of school, but really, at nigh-on-45, WTF? It’s not like I haven’t had some clue that the money doesn’t keep coming in unless I keep going out to get it.

Carly has already mentioned that this seems to be the busiest summer on record, so I won’t belabor it. But halfway through the proposition (I’m a Memorial Day – Labor Day kind of gal), I find I’ve done less socializing and seen fewer movies this summer than any in recent memory. Granted, Hollywood’s annual Festival of Popcorn Movies has been somewhat lamer than usual (and despite my commie-pinko-liberal tendencies, I can only see so many documentaries about the end of the world before I want to drink Drano and lie down in a cool room). But still, I like my friends and we all like the movies and FUCK, at least it’s cool there. So what gives?

Right now, my theory is that it is literally just too damned hot. I have lots and lots of work to do but it feels like I’m wrestling my way through (warm) soup to do it. It’s taking me roughly one and a half times as long to do half as much stuff, and I have twice as much stuff to do. And yesterday was a good day, while I sat at Urth Cafe between appointments, I could actually feel the mercury drop from “you could fry eggs on my thighs” to “hey, the liquid’s back in my eyeballs and I can blink again”.

Please note: I’m not complaining, except about the heat, which I pretty much can’t stop bitching about. I asked the universe for more work; more to the point, I asked a lot of people if they needed work done, and a lot of them said “yes”, and so now, day after day, I find myself in this peculiar place, dressed in a wet bathing suit, at the computer, shades drawn against the heat and four fans blasting away at my sorry ass while I try desperately, sweatily, to Get Things Done.

I guess all I’m asking at this point is, is it just me and The BF? Or is it everyone’s busiest summer because no one can get anything done?


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  1. I’m sure getting older has something to do with it also. I remember summer as lasting a lifetime. Two whole months of fun when you are a kid. Now the summer is almost half over and I haven’t eaten a piece of watermelon yet.

  2. neil – not only haven’t i tried any watermelon yet…but corn just came to the farmer’s market last week and it was dinky! oy!!

    how do you spell (water)melancholy? sigh.

  3. I’ve had the opposite summer…so friggin’ lazy i want to drink drano and lie in a cool room. Collecting unemployment, things I’m usually involved in are on hiatus, things I just got involved with are going on hiatus momentarily. The heat isn’t bothering me THAT much…my WTF is, what the hell am I doing here, on this planet? I really, really want to be busy! I want to care about things! Then why am I so unmotivated to write my play???

    Is it really the heat?

    My latest effort to find meaning is, yesterday I bought a book by Gloria Steinem and am going to the coffee shop to read it. And I’m on day 3 of the Master Cleanse. Going in for the Scientology IQ test on Hollywood Boulevard is nowhere on my top 10,000 so I figure, as long as that remains true, I’m doing okay.

  4. Neil is just mean. There is never a good reason to bring up “getting older” as a reason for feeling that summer is too hot, time is too short, or work is too plentiful (and what a frickin’ quality problem that last one is).

    You ordered the 12,000 BTUs of Happy, right?

    Right now, mine says it’s 81 degrees in heah. Ugh. Still too hot. But better than the outside. For now.

    Tomorrow I may have to hit a movie, just for the sake of powerful AC.

    But yeah. Busiest summer EVER. Lovin’ it. And bitching my ass off at every chance. It’s the way that you love me: cranky. ;)

  5. Neil – everything seems smaller now, too. Thing must seem miniscule to you, since you are so non-vertically-challenged.

    annie – it is our right as Americans to complain. especially when there are chinese workers just dying to complain for 2 cents a day.

    deb – small corn = sign of The End Times. Ask your mom; she’ll tell you.

    Christy – I cannot believe you are anywhere cool enough to read Gloria Steinem. I could not possibly pick up anything more serious than CRACKED until at least Halloween.

    Bon – 1) Neil is very mean. We should un-invite him to our birthday parties. 2) No, I did not order the A/C. I was discouraged enough by the not-working of The BF’s unit (heh heh) that I elected to sweat it out. Literally. However, I have a cute bathing suit, so it’s not so bad. 3) Cranky is also our American birthright. To not be cranky is to be a Communist!

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