Have you missed List Wednesday? I know I have.

Things I’ve found so far during Project Apartment De-Grossify:

1. A manila envelope containing the Final Cut Pro discs I lost two years ago.

2. A bunch of those little rubber feet that go under printers, paper cutters and small household appliances.

3. Dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

4. My college diploma*.

5. Extra (!) cords around my computer that plug into nothing.

6. communicatrix: The Benihana Years

7. One upside-down cockroach near the fridge (bleh…)

8. My grandfather’s (unpublished) novel about the not-so-golden days of radio.

9. The antenna for my wireless router.

10. Jesus in a Tortilla**


*Has anyone else had the balls to toss this? Talk about your expensive tchotchkes…

**Okay, since this was given to me by a client this week, I didn’t really find it. But come on…you totally want one.

One comment

  1. You’re right! I doooooo want one! Wow!

    And no, I can’t toss the diplomii. In fact, when I thought I lost one of ’em in a move, I actually ponied up $20 for a duplicate. Pff. No balls here!

    Good thing the cockroach was dead. Less icky. ;)

    PRECIOUS photos, metal mouth! Love ’em!


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