Calling all Californians

I’ll confess straight off: I’m not exactly super-hot on marriage as in institution.

I succumbed once, it didn’t take, and the entire experience left me with big questions about the codification of relationships.

And yet. And yet…

Until every gay person has the same right to parent a child that the most irresponsible straight person has now…

Until all gay couples in primary relationships have the same rights to shared property and access that straight, married couples have now…

Until the whitest, uptightest, far-right-est person in America doesn’t give a rat’s patootie who sleeps with whom in whose bed and where they send their kids to school in the morning…

…I’ve gotta say, we need this to happen.

I was deleting those emails about calling the Governor’s office to urge him to sign AB 849, the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act (come on, people…there’s a FLOOD, here, fer criminy) but after reading this eloquent plea from John August, renowned screenwriter, generous blogger, gay father, I finally called today.

The number to the Governor’s office is: (916)

If that’s busy, you can try one of the local numbers (he’s got branches!):

Fresno: 559-445-5295

Los Angeles: 213-897-0322

Riverside: 951-680-6860

San Diego: 619-525-4641

San Francisco: 415-703-2218

It’s the right thing to do and offers an excellent glowy-feeling-to-effort-expended ratio. I highly recommend it.


UPDATE: That spineless weasel. Call anyway. Register your extreme displeasure. I swear, how many times in one week do I have to be ashamed to call myself an American?


  1. I’m pretty socially conservative (at least I think I am), but I still have no idea why this is such a big issue to so many people, especially those who consider marriage so sacred. If marriage is so great, don’t we want to spread the joy around? Arguments like: “Doesn’t this open up the door to me marrying my chicken?” are nonsense. Frankly, if you want to marry your chicken and you can find a rabbi in LA to do it (and you probably could), then go for it. Just what are you going to serve at the reception?

    Very disappointed in Arnold. Of all people to become a wimp!

  2. re: your question as to how many times a week you should feel ashamed to be an american? Since November 2000, the average is between 4 to 5.

    And in anticipation of questions of this ilk:

    “If you don’t like it here so much why don’t you go live in some god-forsaken commie hellhole?”

    “Because NAFTA won’t let me.”

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