Hideously cool

I’ve been meaning to blog this since I drank the Kool-Aid, but duty in the form of taxes intervened for a bit. Now that I’ve got the beast fed and watered for another 12 months, I’m free to quit my procrastinating and hip y’all to a few good places to do some of your own.

Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting is…well, the coolest. The coolest t-shirts, the coolest sneakers, the coolest design-y treats anywhere, and dude always seems to get there first. As one of the chronically unhip, I have no idea how the other half, okay, the other 0.00001% manages, but I grateful for the kindnessess they bestow on their dorky brethren. I spent half of Friday not doing my taxes to the kick-ass stream on Destined Collective as I debated how I would look with gold-flecked eyes and whether or not I needed the Freitag PowerBook sleeve in fume-stained white or yellow. Caveat surfer…

If you’re not up for an extended trip down the rabbit hole (and beware, it be long, twisty and deep, yar), stick to the hot, fugly action over at Go Fug Yourself! It’s fun and funny but like Peeps, you can really only take so much at one sitting. Unless we’re talking vintage Peeps that you’ve slit the cellophane on and forgotten as they’ve ripened to perfect, crunchy hardness.



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